Text Inside this Production


 *** mark knight ***
t.d.k. of anthrox
presents a little
ditty after being
persuaded to do so by
seen/crystal. phone
again, it's a bit of
a laff eh???
what about the game??
i'll do it once i've
done wing commander!!
hi to atx,melon dez.+
crystal,sonic systems
michael milne etc.etc
i ain't got a girlie-
-friend anymore. any
offers girls. write 2
2 overhill gardens
patcham , brighton,
sussex, england
bni 8np of phone 
+44 (0)273 557113
for sale; roland d10
alesis sr16 drum mach
cos i've got a korg
01/wfd. ha ha fuck u
nuke, slimey git !!!
chruned out in 3 hrs
flat. so there. 
20/07/92          bye