First Demo
Text Inside this Production

  nice he ? looking in our programm  ( by RAF )

                       it's the year 1989 and a new amiga group is born ...         [   raf                  this means: royal amiga force                       *this is our first demo and i ( xyz ) think it's as cool as ice!               demo release date: 07-01-1989 at            # the  jungle command-magnificent force-joy copyparty           *                         demo credits:            coding:      remote control    hextronix   ( all coding  (  ) was done by ourselves )               [              *graphics mastered by: xyz                   * soundtrack 'house' composed & conducted by: animunster     before we take you further into the wonderfull world of raf... the greetings     royal regards must go to:              jungle command ( you're a cool guy, john! )               magnificent force             the web inc. ( tkr )        vision factory & the beyonders ( great cracks! )           digital force ( happy birthday ramon !! )       sensor      full force      system-z     trilogy ( holland )                      * and now...something completely different:  the raf members ...  raf members are: xyz: (  ) organizer, graphics & music.         remote control: coding.      hextronix: (  ) coding & graphics.      act: (  ) music.     animunster: graphics & music.       arnold schwarzenegger: coding ( not this demo )               as i already said, this is only our first demo, and there are defenitly more to come. ( so you better get yourself a pace-maker, in case you get one of our future demos )             contact raf at:  02975 -62380  ( holland )          well, i guess it's time to quit, just remember: trade hot & stay cool !!!   signed by xyz of the royal amiga force                                       haya guyz  this is the zapper from digital force speakin' i just dropped by to shit a line: haya  that's it        zoeboelizoe this is the boil ( jungle command ) writing this raf demo, i hope our megademo will be finished tonight. the place is very busy and some new stuff will be released soon, anyway c u and read the one.      hi, fellows ! here's schwarzenegger speakin' !    just joined r.a.f. recently....    soon coming -as you might aspect- a new 480k demo from me!  ( graphics by artelli from the jungle command! )    also soon coming    the new soundtracker           see 'ya soon !               hidehi, fellas! here's the inimitable, exceptionable dragon, inc. from the one and only system-z. this party is undoubtedly the best 1989 has offered us yet! we're having lots of fun, lots of games and lots of bullshit all over the place.        hell(o) this is tj from tjc and ik zeg maar zo ik zeg maar woef!! ( translation: i say but so i say but bark! this only makes sense in holland )                     hello and welcome to a few bytes of text from trilogy.     we are typing some text at the tjc party ( but i don't know anything to type ).    goodbye from trilogy ( holland )    see ya again.                                     well ! here is poulox from saxxons crew typing ! i'm here at the jungle command-magnificent force-and joy copy-party ! (a really great party where there are a lot of great guys like here where i'm typing just near one of the members of this great crew called : r.a.f. ! ( some really sympathetic guys ! )         right now, i will leave all to let end this first intro which is  f u c k i n g  great !!!!!!     bye ! ( see you ! )      that's was all folks     bye !!!!!!!!!