Ackernews Meeting Demo
Text Inside this Production

         JOLLOLODIUH! y  d THREE GREAT SWISS  GROUPS ARE PROUD TO PRESENT YOU THE             MEETING-DEMO yd             THIS DEMO WAS FINISHED AT SUNDAY 6TH NOVEMBER ON THE ACKERNEWS-MEETING 88.  FOR THIS DEMO HAVE WORKED THE FOLLOWING GROUPS: d                    bSWISS AMIGA DUO               c           NUMBER ONE   xeCRACKINGS   xd                   AND LAST BUT NOT LEAST            ACKERNEWS   xd                   OFFICIAL RELEASE DATE g                   8. 11. 1988   xd                          THE  FOLLOWING PEOPLE HAVE WORKED FOR THIS DEMO --->  c THE DANGEROUS: xd   ALL CODINGS  xc        GRAPHICS:    xd   MAGA, CH416  xg   AND      dSOFTLINE    x         d     MUSIC:     x      CH416     xd      FONT:     x       THE DANGEROUS.x       OK.  WE WANT TO GREET FOLLOWING GUYS --->                c  AA3                    ACKERLIGHT   xc                   ALCATRAZ                   ALPHA FLIGHT                    AMIGA IND.   x                   cBEASTIE BOYS ( SYNDICATE )                       BITBOY                    BLACKTIGER                       BLOODSUCKERS                    BOKONON CORP.                    CBC                    CCE                    DA 88                     DUM'S AND DR. DRUID                      EXCEPTIONS   x                    c  FANTASY                    FREE NETWORK                     HARDCRACK   xc                   HIGHSPEED                   IPEC ELITE    xc                   IRON MAIDEN CREW                     JETSPEED                      JOKER                     KCS                    LEVEL 4                LEVEL 99                MAD MONKS                PEGASE            PLASMA FORCE  xc                   P.O.W                 PREDATOR                         QUACKERS                    RED SECTOR   xc                   SCAIP      xc                 SCT                     THE BEACH BOYS                     TCT      xc                  THE NEW GENERATION                    THE OUTLAWS  xc           T.O.C.      xc                   THE SUPERVISORS                   WOLFMAN                    VISION FACTORY yc                                END OF GREETINGS                HELLO FRED ( FROM ACKERLIGHT !! ), WHAT DO YOU THINK ABOUT MY ( CH614 ) NEW SONG ??? NICE, NOT ?!?           NOW, IT IS 12.20 AND    ]$& AND [%%  y MUST    SAY GOODBYE  y  TO    $%*'\['^]   x. AND SO, WE SAY GOODBYE TO YOU.               BYE !      yg                                                                                                                                                    SCHALTE ENDLICH AUS, ES IST SCHLUSS !!                                                                                                                                                       MANN, HAST DU    NERVEN !!  y