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              the goonies is back       credits goes to liteace for all coding
    the fox  for the music  first of all I will like to welcome a new member
 call mr. mean   -- welcome to you --    we are now   me ( -E.D- also call master
 -E.D-   mr.06  dozai  tac  the flex  blakfire  startech  dupont  mr. mean  
croorc  red star           we go on with greetings   first the special ones...
  to my friends in   plasma force   road runners   w.o.w   bs1   freedom force
   piranhas   the jungle command   the web inc   double density crew    and the normal greetings
 goes to:    the mad monks   the band    tlf    top swap     vision factory -  
beyonders    rage - dns    spy - mind    red sector    defjam    imp 666     anc
    beastie boys     crush     dr.mind     nemesis (dk)     quarkers     i.b.b   finnish bit wizard
     alpha fight     megaforce     saxxons crew    silicon league     stack   cascade  hotline    
 tcg    tnm    alcatraz   spreadpoint    tst    accession    dexion   tbc  t.a.c    okay I think it what was all ... if you would like to 
 contact us    the write to  allan dyhrberg  ,  bjorndrupvej  68  todso  ,  7900  nykobing  mors   denmark
    and if the letter is to me,  then write on it    hq (e.d)              *