Competition Demo - Days of Living Plasma
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                                     welcome to             competition-              demo by                  chrome      ______                                                               released at                 the                 bloodsuckers             copy-party              in  kuopio              on 8.-11.6                                                               and now,                 let us                 continue                   our                  journey...                                    

  the days    of the    living  plasma !        as you   can see,   you are   able to   control the plasma  yourself !    try it out       now        is this   cool or     what?         have a     look       at      our  examples         okay, now     we are    waiting       for   the party        to      begin       and   boy, are        we   anxious!     at the moment we have nothing important to say so  bye again     have fun!                                                 

                        ************************        welcome to last part of this competition-demo!!!               you can stop the scroll by pressing right-mouse-button                the credits of this multi-demo...        all coding and some gfx by  smircher          music by grade and dr.  jive          and last part's logo by  morrison                  some greetz to:        blood suckers    paranoimia    dual crew    arcane    direct    circus of power    bad news    venus    wizzcat    scoopex    mexx    highlander of celtic    adept    rebels    cascade    armada    phoenix    balance    securitate    level 4    gate    byterapers    complex    vision    defjam    red sector    vision-factory    brainwave        and all other we forgotten! (becoz we haven't got completed greetings list!)                         if you want to contact us for swapping write to:        triton:    aki turunen        j. ahontie 40        73100 lapinlahti        finland            or to mr.proper:    janne litmanen        lahdenpera        73120 nerkoo        finland                 okay, dr. jive here again. we are in a hurry now, coz the competition deadline is approaching fast. so i'd just like to say hi to all morrison's contacts. i'm sorry for the delays, i'm a very lazy person but, as i have written, morrison is on a holiday trip and i'm doing my best to keep up his work. he will be a faster swapper, i assure you. special hellos to           the link          and, of course,         grade           thanks for allowing me to continue this wonderful tune a bit further. have fun in lissabon!           what next? the demo is over. we hope you liked the show, and wait for our further releases!!                                see ya later!!!!!!!!        ********************************************************************************************************************************