• Known as member of Red Sector Inc. in 1990
  • Also with this name: Marc (The Silents, Skid Row, The Channel) (DK), Marc (Excel) (GB), Marc (Quartex, Slipstream, Scoopex, Fairlight, Crystal, Defjam, Classic, Nemesis, Angels, Genesis) (GB), Marc (Spreadpoint), Marc (Iris) (GB), Marc (Nova (France)) (FR), Marc (Chimera), Marc (Endless Piracy), Marc (Skid Row) (DE), Marc (Scoopex, Syndrome, Haujobb, Sector 7, Phase Truce, Absurd) (DE), Marc (Odyssey), Marc (Delite) (GB), Marc (Subway, Quest, The Professionals) (AT), Marc (New Order) (NL), Marc (Dytec), Marc (Nfa), Marc (Infinite Perfection) (DE), Marc (Ackerlight, Antartica) (CH)

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Red Sector Inc.
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