Coder, Music Artist

  • Known as active in 1990
  • Known as member of Processor Team
  • Also with this name: Omega (Francis Drake), Omega (Movement, Rebels, Dual Crew, Necatrix, Sound Wizards) (SE), Omega (Destiny Seven/Destiny 7), Omega (The Band), Omega (Northstar/North Star) (SE), Omega (Robots), Omega (The Astral Lightning) (DE), Omega (Mad Elks, Rektum) (PL), Omega (Polaris), Omega (Imagine) (SE), Omega (Opium (DK)) (DK), Omega (Trade), Omega (Savory) (DE), Omega, Omega (Axenon) (DE)

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downloadsTurn Up The BassMusicdisk
Processor Team
Mellow.d - The Graphmaster - Toxic