• Country: Italy
  • Known as: Axe (in 1992), Metalbasher (in 1992-1993)
  • Known as member of Heresy in 1992-1993
  • Also with this name: Axe (Slipstream) (GB), Axe (Flash Production, Kefrens, Atomic Team, Axe) (DK), Axe (Megaforce), Axe (TRSI, Submission, Mystic) (DE), Axe (Transonic, Spoon) (DK), Axe (Nerve Axis, Eclipx) (GB), Axe (Urgload), Axe (Styline, Dark Millenium) (FI), Axe (Eremation) (NO), Axe (Punishers)

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