• Known as active in 1990-1992
  • Country: United Kingdom
  • Known as: Cobra (in 1990-1992), Natas (in 1991)
  • Known as member of Dimension X in 1992, Pussy in 1990, Destiny in 1991
  • Also with this name: Cobra (Betrayal, Oracle, Supplex, Pirates, Sensics, Thyrone, Breaking The Wall, The Syndicate) (DE), Cobra (Pendle Europa/Pendle Cracking Service), Cobra (Plague), Cobra (Anthrox), Cobra (Phenomena), Cobra (Exotic Men) (FI), Cobra (Empire, Omicron, Bad Boys/Palace Of Steel) (SE), Cobra (Italian Bad Boys), Cobra (Tension) (SE), Cobra (Aero) (DK), Cobra (Zombie Boys) (FI), Cobra (Ram Jam) (FI), Cobra (Technoflight), Cobra (Eon) (NO), Cobra (The Destroyer Team) (FI), Cobra (Weird) (SE), Cobra (Axend), Cobra (Access (new), Mantra (old)) (GB), Cobra (Maniacs) (GB), Cobra (Scalaris) (PL), Cobra (Falcons) (FI), Cobra (Vogue), Cobra (Hellfire), Cobra (Travellers), Cobra (Cryptic, Power House) (GB), Cobra (Dragons, Express) (FR), Cobra (Supremacy), Cobra (Pleasure, Specialized) (DE), Cobra (Inquisitors) (PL), Cobra (Snake) (BR), Cobra (X-Trade, Prime Design), Cobra (Overgrowth), Natas (Flash Production, Cycron), Natas (Artwork) (FR), Natas (Fairlight, Cavemen, Amaze) (NO), Natas (Remedy, Skid Row, South Central) (DE), Natas (New Order) (DK), Natas (Legend, Italian Bad Boys, Mutual Assured Destruction, Half Brains Team, Divina, Temple Of Destruction/Forgotten Mind 4/Forgotten Mind 3/Italia) (IT), Natas (Whelpz) (PL)

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downloadDeadlock 03
Job: Text
Dimension X & Metanoia & ...
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Blood - Controller - Kid - ...
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