• Known as active in 1992
  • Known as member of Soc. Brigade in 1992
  • Also with this name: Tomcat (Zenith) (SE), Tomcat (Complex, Awesome, Shining 8, Crush (DE)) (DE), Tomcat (Vision), Tomcat (Pussy) (BE), Tomcat (Mirage) (NL), Tomcat (The Amiga Team) (AU), Tomcat (Coma, Betrayal, Exage) (DE), Tomcat (Cyborg Power System, Amiga Enterprises, Paragon (Germany)) (DE), Tomcat (Zenith, Total Recall (Switzerland)) (CH), Tomcat (Escape, Outlaws (Norway)) (NO), Tomcat (Exterminators) (DE), Tomcat (Lunatic Earls), Tomcat (Steelers) (FR), Tomcat (Axis Inc), Tomcat (Megawatts), Tomcat (World Of Twist), Tomcat (Live Act), Tomcat (Amiga Hackers United)

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