Graphics Artist, Swapper

  • Known as active in 1991
  • Country: Netherlands
  • Known as member of The Lords in 1991, Justice in 1991
  • Also with this name: Sniper (Alliance), Sniper (Australian Crackers United), Sniper (Panic) (DE), Sniper (Iris, Skytech) (DK), Sniper (Prophecy, Betrayal) (US), Sniper (Control(DK)) (DK), Sniper (Digital, The Special Brothers, Saturne, Hazard) (FR), Sniper (Tankard) (DE), Sniper (Pearl), Sniper (Lightforce, Nuance, Darkage, Scarab, Lightstorm Inc) (DE), Sniper (Teenage Crime), Sniper (Dictators, Hit Squadron) (FI), Sniper (Industrial Brothers), Sniper (Insane)

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Releases that mention this Person as a Member

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As Member of JusticeCategoryAuthorYear
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