Graphics Artist

  • Known as active in 1995
  • Known as member of X-dream in 1995
  • Also with this name: Tex, Tex (Digital Access) (AU), Tex (Cult) (DE), Tex (Willow) (FR), Tex (Agile), Tex (Ram Jam) (IT), Tex (Nuance), Tex (Storm), Tex (X-factor) (FI), Tex (Ramses, Mankind) (FR), Tex (Bionyx), Tex (Digital, Axile, Offshore/Off Shore/The Offshore) (GB), Tex (Beta 5), Tex (Roboteam) (NO)

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downloadsAga & Box
aka Chiptune Collector

on GASP (Gainful Awesome Summer Party) 1995

Job: Graphics
New Generation Crew & X-dream
Chip Music Pack
added 2/97