• Known as active in 1991-1993
  • Country: Switzerland
  • Known as member of Endless Piracy in 1991, The Special Brothers in 1991-1992, Bitstoppers in 1992
  • Ex System Operator of Black Roses
  • Also with this name: Steve (Anarchy, Mystic Places/Mystic Place (USA)) (US), Steve (Panic), Steve (Black Monks), Steve (Sanity, Decade, Frantic, Crying Fields/The Crying Field) (DE), Steve (Italian Bad Boys, 4-ward, War Zone) (IT), Steve (Tristar, Beermacht), Steve (Shining 8) (DE), Steve (1001 Crew) (NL), Steve (The New Masters) (NL), Steve (The Supervisors), Steve (Abc-killers) (DE), Steve (Druids), Steve (Threat, Traitors), Steve (Triplex) (DE), Steve (Therapy), Steve (Shoot!), Steve (Devils, Skid Row, Crack Inc.), Steve (Faculty), Steve (D, R, Diamonds And Rust, Pleasure Dome (Austria)) (AT), Steve (Omegamen), Steve (Toons), Steve (Pulse), Steve (Bold And The Beautiful) (FI), Steve (Hansa Cracking Service), Steve (Magic Owls) (SK), Steve (Equinoxe), Steve (Futuresoft) (GB), Steve (Sargon) (DE), Steve (ERM) (GB), Steve (Alpha Flight) (DE), Steve (Extreme (UK)) (GB)

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downloadFirst Intro
RSI Demomaker
added 8/18

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downloadCubixCrack Intro
in family
Endless Piracy
Dope - Hijack - Magic Drummer
added 11/06
downloadMega Intro
Another Intro
Endless Piracy
Magic Drummer - Starscream
added 12/13
downloadThe Musical Enlightenment v2.01Crack Intro
in family
Endless Piracy
Darkranger - Hijack - Magic Drummer
added 4/18