Texter, Sysop

  • Known as active in 1993
  • Country: Netherlands
  • Known as: Candyman (in 1993), Poison (in 1993)
  • Known as member of Cyanide in 1993, Centura in 1993
  • Ex System Operator of Power Zone (Netherlands) in 1993
  • Also with this name: Candyman (Paradise) (SE), Candyman (Giants, Session, Sardonyx, Crux & Bad Karma) (SE), Candyman (Bad Karma) (GB), Candyman (Therapy) (GB), Candyman (Leader Productions, Diffusion, Realms, Phase, Electron) (FI), Candyman (Abyss, Beyond, Royal House) (DE), Candyman (Sonic/Sonik Clique/Sonik, Oblivion), Candyman (The Silents, Scoopex, Desire, Vogue) (NL), Candyman (Neo, Over The Top) (GB), Candyman (D-Mob, Big Deal) (SE), Poison (The Silents) (GB), Poison (Nova (France), Ozone, Therapy, Intryx, Exit (FR)) (FR), Poison (Intense), Poison (Quartz), Poison (Quarterline), Poison (Reality) (NZ), Poison (Singular Crew), Poison (Chainsaw Design), Poison (Surprise! Productions) (NL), Poison (Devils)

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on Holland Is Ok 93

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