• Known as active in 1992
  • Country: Denmark
  • Known as member of Skid Row in 1992
  • Also with this name: Shock (Vision, Freezers) (NL), Shock (Trinomic) (FI), Shock (Atomic Intelligence) (DK), Shock (Outlaws) (IT), Shock (Society), Shock (Headwave), Shock (Paramount Productions) (NO), Shock (Underworld) (DK), Shock (Stream), Shock (Iris, Saints, The Magic Guild, 242/Lime, Illusion (Sweden)) (SE)

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Releases that mention this Person as a Member

As Member of Skid RowCategoryAuthorYear
downloadFables & Fiends - Book One - The Legend Of KyrandiaCrack Intro
Skid Row
Airwalk - Black Hawk - Easley - ...
added 8/94
downloadMcDonald LandCrack Intro
in family
Skid Row
Yragael - Black Hawk - Monty - ...
added 10/07
downloadPinball Fantasies - ECSCrack Intro
Skid Row
Airwalk - Black Hawk - Bomber Man - ...
added 8/09
downloadPinball Fantasies - FinalCrack Intro
Skid Row
Airwalk - Black Hawk - Homicide - ...
added 5/17