• Known as active in 1992
  • Known as member of Orix in 1992
  • Also with this name: Tiger (Dexion) (DK), Tiger (Trader Mania), Tiger (Fairlight), Tiger (Crystal), Tiger (Trinomic), Tiger (Scoopex, Possessed, Endless Piracy, Model) (DE), Tiger (Alpha Flight), Tiger (United Forces), Tiger (Skid Row, Angels), Tiger (Enemies), Tiger (The Organized Crime), Tiger (Golden Triangle Austria), Tiger (Paranoid), Tiger (Exort), Tiger (Flying Cows), Tiger (The Evil Forces), Tiger (Ng) (PL), Tiger (Beastie Boys, Irongods) (DE), Tiger (Technobrains, Comax), Tiger (Apathy, Strobe, Principes, Slope) (DE), Tiger (Happy Hour Records), Tiger (Division) (CZ), Tiger (United FIRG) (HU), Tiger (Team Extreme) (NO), Tiger (Infect), Tiger (Savage)

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