Jan Derk Mallander
Coder, Texter, Graphics Artist

  • Known as active in 1991-1992
  • Country: Germany
  • Known as member of Panic in 1991, Mallander PD in 1991-1995

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downloadActionPower 098
Job: Edit
Mallander PD
no screenshot - no music - Cli-Menu Packdisk
added 1/18
downloadBocholt Party Invitation
Job: Code, Graphics, Text
added 5/94

Interviews with Jan Derk Mallander

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downloadTop Secret 10Diskmagazine
Majic 12
Acropole - Al Capone - Arrow - ...
added 10/95

Interview Text

Hi  Amiga - freaks !  This is a short interview with 'Stefan Huels' and 'J.  D.
Mallander'  both organizers of the so called 'Megacooperationparty' in Bocholt.
It's  not  so  long as you might expect but I did it on the last 'party' on the
16th  of  November  and  I  wanted  to  travel  home when I decided to get this
interview.   Ok,  read  the  deepest  lyrics  of  the  guys  behind  'SPHERICAL

Ok, here we go...: 

³TS:¹   What is the REAL reason for being in war with 'Diddle
... read more