Texter, Sysop

  • Known as active in 1994
  • Country: Norway
  • Known as member of Suspiria in 1994
  • Ex System Operator of Basic Instinct
  • Organized parties: Kindergarden 1996 (6) (1996-11-15), Kindergarden 1997 (7) (1997-07-03), Kindergarden 1998 (1998-11-13)
  • Also with this name: Acid (Lithium/Iron Maiden) (US), Acid (X-Men, The Lost Boys) (GB), Acid (Skandal) (IT), Acid (Digital) (GB), Acid (The Crusaders) (GB), Acid (Quartex, Scoopex, Paradox, Analog, Equinox, Nirvana, Angels, Dragons, Fusion, Fisc, The Frog Buds) (FR), Acid (Alpha Flight) (DE), Acid (Crass), Acid (The Dark Demon), Acid (Nah-Kolor, MadWizards, Appendix, Sector 5, Dinx Project, Kore/K0re, Twilight Editors Team/Twilight (PL), DoggyStyle, Sadist, L124) (PL), Acid (Stellar, Dual Crew, Decept), Acid (The Phobia) (AU), Acid (Pas Maters, D-Version Team) (RS), Acid (Impulse(dk)) (DK), Acid (Virtual Madness), Acid (Kaos, Corosive) (NZ), Acid (Mantronix) (GB)

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downloadBasic Instinct BBS Intro
Job: Text
Scoopex & Suspiria
downloadsChippo 5
Job: Text
Obsession & Suspiria
Chip Music Pack
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