Invitation to Live Act Castle Conference 92

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             C a s t l e

       C o n f e r e n c e '92

     organized by  L i v e A c t

             TO  HUNGARY

     in Boldogkovaralja, HUNGARY
       on 7-8-9 of August 1992

   A small country where everybody
               is free.
      And feel for a good party,
             feel it too.

Yep,  It's party time again!  And you
can't say: oh no!  another s..t, just
have a look for the partyplace.


The   show   will open  at  8:00  7th   going to be far better.
(Friday) of  August 1992 and close at   
18:00 9th (Sunday).                     How to get to the party place?
Where?                                  Maybe you  can reach Budapest by car,
------                                  train...  etc.  (If not let us know).
Maybe you are fed up with partyplaces   
in  schools...   etc.  We bring you a   Automobile:  Well,  you must drive to
good  chance, where you can enjoy the   Miskolc.  How?  Just follow the signs
fun  better than  ever and one of the   "Miskolc" and  you  must  drive on to
best,  what we  can  assure  for you.   road  3, to  Miskolc.   Then you must
This  place is a REAL CASTLE from the   drive  on  road 3. And when you reach
Middle Ages. Yes, yes...  it is a 600   the    signpost  called   Halmaj   or
years  old Castle.   It's ghostly and   Abaujszanto,  turn  right.  Then  you
startling.  600  years  is itself the   drive  through Halmaj, Felsodobsza to
history and the legend of the ancient   Abaujszanto.  At  this place you must
ages.                                   turn  left.  And  you are going about
It's situated in Boldogkovaralja/Hun-   1-2  kilometres.  Then  you must turn
gary.                                   right.   From  here  you  must  drive
Boldogkovaralja   is   approx.    200   straight, you  shouldn't  worry about
kilometres   east  of  Budapest,  and   any  crossing.  And then you will see
approx.   50   kilometres   east   of   the...  the CASTLE on a high hill. If
Miskolc. We organized a similar party   by that time you still don't know the
in this  castle too one year ago, and   way, you are blind.
we learnt  from  that.   So,  this is                                        

Railway:   You  must  reach  Miskolc.   are a lot of pubs in the village too.
From  here  you  must  go to Szerencs   All  info about  whats  going on etc.
(pronounce seerench), here you change   will   be  published   on   a   large
your   train    to    Boldogkovaralja   infoscreen.
(pronounce  boldogkouvaaralya). Count   We  can  provide many real (and cool)
the stations, 'cause you must get off   beds, there's  a motel in the castle.
the train  at the eighth station.  By   So, if  you want to sleep in a silent
the way, we  will decorate that small   place, here  you will be comfortable.
station.                                Enough showers  and toilets to ensure
                                        that everybody can have a rest in the
If it's very complicated for you, ju-   heat.
st ask for a map and paperinvitation.   The party place has plenty of room to
                                        park for  your  cars, motorcycles, or
Facilities                              skateboards.
The party  is  totally Amigaparty and   Competitions
free from amiga lamers. The Hungarian   ------------
dudes  need to  ask  for  a  personal   A Demo,  Graphics & Music competition
invitation    (not     needed     for   will of course take place.
foreigners).                            As everywhere  we are organizing some
The bar  will be open 24hrs/day, here   alternative  competitions  like  disk
you will  be  able  to buy everything   throwing  and  destroying,  Kick  Off
from sandwiches to drinks. So alcohol   Alive!   and   some  other  which  is
is   permitted, but  if  you  destroy   complied to the castle.  If you think
something, you must pay for it. There   we  organize boring  actions, you are

wrong.  We  haven't as high prices as   you at  the  partyplace,  we can book
at  the western  parties,  but if you   rooms before and after the party too.
come for this you are a false man. We   Just let us know.
will be trying organize more fun than   We hope,  when you are arranging your
prizes.                                 vacation in August, you will think of
The demos must run on a standard Ami-   the Castle  party, and you'll come to
ga with  1  megabytes.  The  graphics   our  beautiful   country.   Then  you
should be  loadable  from Dpaint  and   should have a great fun, you can make
the  musics must  be executable.  The   the  acquaintances with the  central-
music and gfx comp.   will  be arran-   european elites.
ged on the first night and  the  demo   
comp. on  the second.                   We won't  promise anything else, just
                                        come and look at.
-------                                 For further info, map and invitation:
The  entrance fee is  600 Forints (or      
15 DM). For your girlfriends or other         (turn page for addresses)   
girls it is 100 Forints (or 3 DM).      
The rules on the party                  
You,  our  guest, are taken good care   
of and we'll try to meet everyone who   
needs to  at  the airport (Budapest),   
bus, train  stations (Miskolc) and so   
on.  If three days are not enough for   

          Live Act  (Grekko)
           Eszaki krt. 21.
          H-4400 Nyiregyhaza


           Live Act (Raize)
              Toldi u.92
          H-4400 Nyiregyhaza

        Or call these numbers:

Raize:   +36-42 14626  (use english)
 Jaby:   +36-46 367231 (use french)

   or this from only 8:00 to 12:00
             on weekdays
Eyebrow: +36-42 15840  (use english)

                            by GREKKO