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added 9/94
                                        for  da  first time .....  Yo,  thanx
                                        Francky dj!!!!
                       Interview with   Now  a  lot of  guys are listening to
                     Maxximum/Intense   these vibrations and it's cool....
                          By Gretzky/   
                              Profecy   And now what  are you thinking  about
                                        the classical musicians?
So fans of techno let's enjoy because   - Arf, Arf, Arf!!  No  there are some
today I decided to interview the most   cool classical musicians on da  fren-
popular techno musician in the French   ch scene  but the most of these  guys
scene: MAXXIMUM/INTENSE!                don't  understand that  soon da reign
                                        of the techno will be back!!!
Yo. First good morning MAXX.  Are you   Techno is  da sound of the  future!!!
agree to answer my questions?           And I  fuck all men who are not agree
                                        with me!!  The  other styles of  ziks
- Hello! Yes of course, why not?        are so lame, boring and shitty!!
So  can  you say to all your fans how   What  about your future in the amiga-
you have discover the TECHNOISE?        world?
- Well you see  the  technoise is not   - I don't known if I  will survive to
a  new style for me!!  I  think  it's   the third nuclear war so....
an  old  friend and  dj who has  pre-   Without  joking  I think I  will like
sented  me  this music few years  ago   more  and more  the  Amiga  world coz
×techno rulez on da world scene!         a tune!!  That's all for the allusion
                                        but wait and see our zik-disk design-
Rumour say that you're  an  extrater-   ed by all my raver friends!!
restre! Is it the truth or not?         
                                        Scal and Tourist the INTENSE's coders
- SHUT UP it's top secret!!  But it's   hate the ACID-TECHNO-NEW BEAT music. 
true but I came in peace and  I speak   This  situation  isn't difficult  for
Martien yo!!  You see I have 2  dicks   you??
to fuck space girls cool no?? In fact   
I came from a planet called: ARAKIS     - Yes they prefer  the  CLAWZ/FUSION'
                                        tunes but  one day they'll understand
What are your best groups? And why?     that  TEKNO  RULEZ!!!  Although  they
                                        accept to  create  some techno  demos
- PROFECY  of  course and  BASS too!!   like our tune disk which will be soon
Why???  Bcoz  they  have  got da best   finished!!!  Hey  SCAL  all guys  who
techno musicians in the world!!         listen to ROCK'N'ROLL  are some  wan-
Hey Bass DJ and Wooper I love u!!!!     kers!!!
Really you are da best...yeah!!         
                                        Do you  have any  projects?  Can  you
Do you have some enemies?               talk about?
- No and you??  Well maybe ... I have   - Yes my friends want to create a new
read somewhere that my musics must be   group with  only techno fans like me!
changed!!  Yes  it's surely more dif-   But we  haven't find  any coders  who
ficult to post a letter than to  make   like techno (poor coders)  so  if so-
×meone is interested write me!!!         girl and I change every week!!
                                        Believe  me  or not,  I'm not like my
Do you  make  some modules if we  ask   friend called TROLL  who go out  with
you for other groups?                   a end monter of a shot'm'up!!
                                        Girls are boring in FRANCE,  it's al-
- Yes of course because I have done a   ways  da same  thing!!  I  think  you
lot of modules  which have not used!!   will be agree with me GRETZKY no??
So if you like da real music write me   
and ask me some modules ok???           Are you in love today?
How can we get in touch with you?       - Yes .... I love me!!!
- With a paper and a pen!! But I stop   What are you thinking about lamers?
swapping so  write me only for techno   
tapes exchange or modules!!             - All  classical  musicians are  some
                                        lamers  bcoz  they  make  always  the
Do you have a girlfriend?               same thing and  it's boring  to  hear
                                        all this shit....
- No I hate girls!!!!!!!!               
                                        Do you know some lamers? Can you give
Rumour say that  you're a looser with   us some names?
the girls? What about it?               
                                        - Yes  but I  don't want to have some
- No I'm not a looser but i was one!!   enemies  so  I  think they will reco-
Now I hate staying a long time with a   gnize themselves!!!                  
Are you  interested  to enter  a  new   in the month we  organized some  RAVE
group if you leave INTENSE?             PARTY!!! you know now ....
                                        I greet too all my contacts and fans.
- Are you crazy??  According to  SCAL   That's all  TECHNO RULES FOR EVER ALL
INTENSE is  the  best  group  in  the   AROUND THE WORLD FOR THE LAST CRUSAD-
world!!  But  if I must leave INTENSE   ER  OF  THE KING  OF THE  GOD OF  THE
it will  be to enter in  my  friend's   DELIR OF THE CANCER OF THE PEAU YO!! 
group or in PROFECY or BASS  (if they   
want me of course!)                     
So thanks Maxximum for your patience!   
I  leave you and I  give you the keys   
for some last words! Let's go:          
- Yes first my addy:                    
     LEREIN STEPHANE                    
     3 IMPASSE DES ACACIAS              
     73100 MOUXY                        
So if you are  french and if you live   
near ANNECY then every first saturday