Party Review for Main Event 91

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Maximan - Red Devil - Watchman
The party was held in Rotherham on the 5 October 1991. The turn-out was 
much better than last year and there were, suprisingly, only a small amount of elite guys. There 
wasn't much on the release front either. All the intros were fitted onto two and a half disks. This didn't affect the atmosphere
 though - everyone had a good time. By the way, we thought we ought to warn everybody that Torch/LSD is actually a T-1000 but he is now stuck in the form of a reasonably harmless Grapevine editor instead of a ruthless killing machine. 
 We had a new member with us at the party - a graphic artist - 
FISH. He was responsible for the brill 

 air-brushed signs on the wall above us. Anarchy 
came over and paid us a visit. Mr. Big told Shagratt how good he thought 
 (virus-killer) was. Saint
 of Paintbox responsible for some intro screens on 
 told us he was getting a 14400 Modem soon. 
Plague was awarded the prize for putting the most stickers around the place. We came close second with our 
 Sidewinder got chatting to Mr Cool about star signs.
 asked us for some help with a presentation consisting of Monty Python's colour cycling, for a Rave party he had planned. We were sat 
next to DCS on the left and the BAR on the right. I (Maximan) was explaining vector techniques to a couple of DCS's coders.
 The Special Brothers UK division had no releases of their own, but released 
a demo by their German division. Archaos
 were telling us about the future of their group. Good Luck guys! A lot of 
guys were asking us for our releases. Also, alot of guys were hassling us for the release version of 
 which will not be out until 14/10/91. We had a quite a few of our 
friends at the party who were not directly
 related to the scene. Anyway, back to the real fun.
 There were a few interesting cigarettes wandering around at the party. These helped me
 enormously to cope with the stupid questions I was getting asked, such as, "How does 
 single-file one-disk demos?" and "Can we have
 some vector source code please, Maximan?". 
 didn't have this problem though. People were congratulating him for writing 
Monty Python managed to give some sound advice to BaaBaa who joi
ned us at the party. Welcome aboard mate!  The cuisine 
at the party was a bit pricey. Well, more than a bit actually! The
 food was okay though - I think! Some people had trouble keep
ing awake after the beer! Especially as we brought so
me of our own cans! We also had fun taking the piss out of this 
guys accent! Hello Triippirr! Haa Haaaaa.  Now for the competition results. The winner of the Demo Contest was 
 with our 
 demo. The Real-Time Demo contest was won by Paradroid/Razor 1911. Nuke of Anarchy
 won the Music contest. Krest of Anarchy was the winner of the graphics with a very nice picture indeed. Finally, the Kick Off Competition was won by Tripwire of Equinox. We came third in that 
thanks to Wizoid. Unfortunately, we were not asked by Digital to enter the music or graphics competition. That's Watchman/Fish/Echo/Spirit's work wasted! Anyway,
 that's the Party report almost over. I would just like to apologise to 
 for not managing to get any pictures of you! It seemed that when the camera came out you disappered! So did Parasite though! But thanks for a
! If anyone's interested the vector world intro to this demo is a preview of my new routine which I will turn into a fully interactive demo some time.  That just about wraps up this one. Just a couple of things. Firstly, sorry this demo is a little late but my 
 A590 crashed while I was saving my source on Sunday! So this has been delayed a couple of days. Secondly, here's our address: 
 L S D, 18 Brocklesby Close, Gainsborough, Lincs, DN21 1TT.
 No greetings or memberslist today, but a big hello to all our friends! Cheerio.