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Andy of Amiga Industries was inter~viewed by Orlando of Brainstorm.

- Andy, you are since a long time a member of the computer-scene. Tell us your computer history...

On my 11th birthday I got a 64 from my parents. Then I lamed around some time and in the end of 85 I got interested in the scene and started swapping by mail. In 86 I borrowed an Amiga 1000 from a friend of mine (student) and started mail swapping as an independent guy. In the middle of 87 I bought a 500 and we found The Phantom Fighters. Some months later TPF joined Amiga Industries. At this moment AI was a part of WOW - and then we had the cooperation with Freedom Force. From the end of 88 to the end of 90 I was really scene-unactive. I had my old friends and kept them. But since Dexion Party AI is back (Delta's & Kevins & Cokes guilty) - and I think better than ever.

- Amiga Industries is now in corporation with Spreadpoint. Why? Any future plans?

We found the cooperation at the Kickin Ass party because Munster and I and the other SP and AI members thought, that two of the eldest Amiga Crews should join their powers together. Further we are two more 'coder' crews and like publishing user-stuff. And the main reason - we are real friends - and thats, what SP and AI kept alive over the years.

- You probably were at many parties. Is there any difference between parties nowadays and in the beginning of the Amiga scene? Tell us something about the atmosphere of old parties.

Difficult question... But let me try to explain it. In former times, almost only the big crews oganized parties, so you met everybody on such parties. Remember the Thrust or Bamiga Sector One Parties or The Jungle Command Meetings. Also the 64 Venlo Meetings; you met everybody and the atmosphere was really good. But nowadays a lot of small crews try to get famous by doing a party, so a lot of the parties are pure shit. Also this shitty competition work.. doing everything just for money. In the past, everybody did it just for fun, not for money. That are the main differences.

- Some months ago there was your kicking ass party (read article in Zine #10). Do you want to organize such a party again?

It was a nice feeling to bring back the good old days for some hours. Jope, I would really do it again. First I was disappointed, because a lot of guys promised to be there without doing, but when I read the guest list - lots of real legends were there. And almost everybody told me after the party, that it was great. So, why not. We are planing another one very soon.

- Do you prefer the old or the new scene? What did change?

Again a difficult question. Maybe it's easier to become famous these days and everybody think that he is a real hero by doing some real primitive things. Also the shit-talk grows and spreading fakes and lies. I really prefer the old scene, maybe because I had more 'real' friends there and we were more well known. But I also think, that the scene from today will have it's future. But we need some real brilliant organizers to keep the standard high and organizing a big crew is a thing, I do respect much more than the best coding, sound or something like that. So I really hope, that some organizers like Eric/BS1, Phil/Thrust or Will/Hotline will grow out again of our scene. But we will see what the future hides for us.

- Many famous members of the Amiga scene are nowadays working for firms & magazines. Can you give any examples?

The Light Circle is now Factor Five; Black Monks members work for the Amiga Joker magazine, German Spreading Service work for Amiga Special magazine; Mike, Amicom, Buddha, Tip/Spreadpoint are developers of different software houses; The Movers in Starbyte and lots of more.

- Do you prefer the Amiga or the C64 scene?

I really prefer the Amiga scene. But I really like those old futurecomposer sounds of the 64 and I also liked doing those demomakers with my friend Sebastian Broghammer. But today I think, that the 64 scene is more like in former days than the amiga scene.

- ASM, Amiga Joker, Amiga Magazin... What do you think about these magazines?

I don't read them.

- What motivation is there to be a member of a computer-group?

My motivation has almost gone. Just friendship keeps me in the scene. And I also want to show the new scene guys, how it was in former times. So that they can learn from us. I learned a lot of useful things from my parents, so why shouldn't those new scene members learn from us.

- Tell us about your experiences you've made by drinking with Slayer, Delta & Promax? Any funny stories? Do you think drinking is cool?

Ok I'll tell you. Let's start with Delta. He really loves our 'private' beer. Don't take to much Florian (or you will have a stomach workout again, like in denmark). Slayer: Tommy likes drinking in night clubs (Odense) and is doing that with Delta and some nice strip girls around. Promax doesn't like the alcohol so much, but he is such a funny guy, that he doesn't need to drink alcohol. But really funny is Deltas drunken 'standard-sentence': 'moagst an schmalzler'. Dnd this sentence broke him his neck at the Kickin Ass Party. Order the video at the Zine address.


- "Dinkelator Doppelbock"... what about that?

SIMPLY THE BEST! The only beer that counts. But Szenator is really more flashing. Dinkelator normal edition has about 6,8% alcohol and the party edition beats you with 11.25%, nothing more to say, try to catch one.

- What do you think about paper-magazines? Which do you think is or was the best available?

I hate them, so I don't know anything about them.

- I'll write down some words & expressions and you just write down what strikes you right away.

-- Modem traders & sysops
Only a few are really good! Best sysop: Skyline, because he checks all his uploaded wares. Best modem trader: joe panic, because he's fast and also tests his u/l mostly!

-- Blue box
We take our 'priasn' out of those 'gletscher priasn' boxes.

-- Xcopy
Nothing compares 2 you. I must thank Frank for that tool!

-- 5000 disks with demos...
My destination for the future. I've already 1400.

-- Fixfiles
Not needed, if the crackers are that what they call themselves!

-- Lamers
Everybody is a lamer, the one more, the one less.

-- Friendship against business
Only one solution - friendship. Money can make you buying everything, but have you every tried to buy REAL friends or REAL love. So fuck all that money, I've never sold games to earn money.

- Who are the persons who certainly deserve to be called living legends. Why?

MR. ZEROPAGE - he's a legendary cracker on 64 & Amiga that makes him special.

UNIT A - no protection was hard enough for them.

ECA & SCA - really some of the best and first coders.

DOC - best demos & scroll texts.

HEADBANGER - he had the best conections in the states.

THE WIZARDS & IRATA - because they are on Amiga since the first minute.

CRACKMAN CREW - because of their 64 intro with the moving sprites.

1103 & YETI - one of the first at all.

- What do these persons think about the scene nowadays?

MR. ZEROPAGE left the scene completely but I think, that Rsi lost 80% of their image.

UNIT A & ECA & SCA do some professional work now.

DOC sold his amiga - Unknown is coding a game at the moment.

HEADBANGER has a software company in the staates.

1103 & YETI have families now and don't care about computers.

THE WIZARDS & IRATA try to keep the spirit of the old days alive. (handshakes to you !!!)

- What do you know and think about these legendary groups...

-- Unit A
One of the best Amiga teams ever - no protection was hard enough.

-- Hotline
Hi Will, Hank and Side, some real top guys, but making money busted them.

-- Star Frontiers
Always tried a comeback, but to well known at the police stations. Ming is one of the most talented coders I know (hi Thomas!).


-- HQC
I'm really happy about your comeback. What is to hard for the elite that is your daily bread.

-- The Champs
Cool intro with the earth-ball. Greets to Dr. pablo.

-- Bamiga Sector One
Miss you .. But the leading team in 87 & 88, no doubt. Don't forget - Bs1 & Tkt belonged together!

-- The Light Force
Best trainer makers in the good old days.

-- Quartex
You miss Robin, eeehh? Lost lots of image, but Robs cracks were ok for 3 years.

-- World Of Wonders
No Comment!

-- Prophets
Nice friends. Gurumaster was one of the best. Lots of cool coders like Tip, Mr. magic, Gurumaster.

-- Red Sector
The only real legend that survived.. but Irata - select your members better like mzp said. Then trsi would be again, what it was.

- Who is the most important group for the Amiga history? Why?

Too hard, but I think Spreadpoint and the Starfrontiers, because of Spreadpoints 'Join The Power' and Starfrontiers 'Uridium' demo set the first coding standards on Amiga.

- Who or what is your favourite...

Demo: Join The Power/Sp, Lissa/Amicom

Delta, Ming, Madthinker, Slayer, Panther, Chaos for demos; system-coders: Mike & Tip/Sp, Amicom, Buddha, Frank Thomas.

Starbuck, Frog, Karsten Obarski, Tip & Mantronix, Mon, Los.

Gfx artists:
Reward, Uno, Terminator & Dark, Pgcs

All free meals..


Mahoney & Kaktus

New model army, Flower power music, oldies.

- What does your room look like?

Like a big mess! The hell can't be nothing compared to my room.

- What are you doing on saturday nights? Sitting in front of the computer and having a look at old demos? What do you think about persons, who do that?

No computers! Going out, having fun with girls and friends. Boozing...

- Here some free space for anything you want to write...

Greets to:
AiSp, Trsi, Ufo, Flt, Sauron, Promax, Slayer, Reward, Ranger, Mzp, Supplex, Scrooge, Kristall, Basti, Parky, Radwar, Fac 5, Jarre/Defjam, Plato, Subway, Brs, Hqc, Phil, Skyline, Maffia joe, Murphy/ep, John Player, Starfrontiers.

- Okay, at the end we want to thank you for supporting ZINE and your friendship. There should be more persons like you in the scene.
Thanks a lot!

Andy of AI and Orlando of Brainstorm