Party Review for CCCCP Chromance Party 91

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Written by Stranger of Energy.

Ok, I would like to write a short report about the CCCCP, the Cerberos Chromance Computermania Copy Party, which was held from 7th-8th September 1991 in Budapest, Hungary. The Partyplace was a big university some kilometers far from the train station. When we (Bernd/CHAOS + I) arrived at the party place at 2.30 pm, we were really astonished: We saw a big hall with about 100 people and most of them were children, which played games like Kick Off or Microprose-Soccer (C64). The rest of the people were copying and copying and copying..... We really thought we were at the wrong party!
Then we found it: There were some stairs upwards, that lead us to the so called 'Elite-room'. There we found JEAN of Cerberos-Chromance, the Main Organiser and the only English speaking guy at all. He showed us the Elite room, and what did we see as we entered it? There were about 20 C-64's and only some few Amiga's. Some of the 64 guys coded Intros or Demos and the rest was playing games again!!!!! The only present and 'worth being mentioned' groups were at the moment : CERBEROS and CHROMANCE (of course!), 23 CC, SOC.BRIGADE and X-RAY. (Sorry if i forgot anyone!)
We really wondered about it all, as the party invitation claimed that it would be the biggest party ever seen in Hungary. Later in the afternoon, we met some old friends from COSMOS (C64) and nearly all Austrian members of TRISTAR & RED SECTOR. We decided to go out to town for booze with Prince, Corwin+Atron/TRSI and Hermes/COSMOS (DESIGNS?). We had really a lot of fun there, we went from pub to pub to pub to pub... After many beers we decided to go back to the party. There we met the other guys from TRSI, COSMOS and some members from ENERGY, who arrived later in the evening. I really liked chatting with them all about the good old times (With some of them i was in former C64-Crews!). Ok, I don't want to tell my whole personal story here, so back to the party: We've been told, that they wanted to lock up the place at 10.30 pm and open again on 10.00 am the next day. Jean offered us to sleep at his house or at a special place near the university (Thank you, man!). But we didn't want to go to sleep, and went back into town again. We walked about 2 hours until we found a little shop, which sold us some Austrian GOESSER Beer. We bought a lot of it and sat somewhere on a street in the middle of Budapest City. At 2.00 am Bernd/Chaos and I had to say 'Goodbye' to all the guys we met and went to the train station to look for a train back to Graz.
The next one drove at 5.00 am, so Bernd and I went out to drink some beer once again. We met a 79-year old Hungarian, who told us many stories about his past and so the 3 hours had gone away quickly. Summarizing, I can say that the party was quite o.k., although there were not many visitors. We had a lot of fun outside and inside the party and as a result it was worth going there. I guess, also the other kids, which only played Soccer-games (why not?) had fun there, so we hope to there will be another one of this kind.