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There were heavy rumours circling about MANIACS OF NOISE. Axel of BRAIN~STORM has asked Tip and Mantronix of PHENOMENA to tell us their own personal experiences in MON and that's what this inter~view is all about. Here we go:

- Mantronix and Tip have LEFT Maniacs of Noise! This surprised the whole scene, we guess. Until now everybody would have been overjoyed if one had been hired by "the legendary" Maniacs of Noise. But you've left. Why?

Quite frankly, we don't know whether we have ever been in Manicas of Noise or not. The only contact that we've ever had with MoN is via Oistein Eide. He told us that he is acting on behalf of Charles Deenen, and that we were hired by MoN. We would like to point out that Charles was never, and never has been, involved in our connections with MoN, and we wonder if he was ever informed.

- What went wrong in MoN?

Well, this whole thing may not be about MoN, but about a guy who has been, and is using MoN's name for his own purposes. He has given us a lot of "wonderful" promises, that not in one single case proved to be true. Among other things, he promised us work and payment, but we were given very little work, and we were never payed. The co-operation with Oistein has only resulted in expenses. This is, of course, not acceptable, and that's why we broke all contact with Oistein Eide.

We're not writing this as a defamation against MoN, because our dream has always been to, one day, compose for Charles Deneen. But, when we noticed how things really were/are, we just couldn't stand it anymore.

- Is MoN really as great as everybody thinks/thought?

We are both great admirers of Charles Deneen's fantastic Amiga-music, but we are sorry to say that we haven't heard any new music-pieces by him for over a year. The reason for this might be that he has been staying in the U.S.A. for quite a while.

- Would it have worked better if Charles Deenen had "directed" the whole team instead of Oistein Eide?

Well, we certainly think so.

- What do you personally think about Oistein Eide and his music?

No comment.

- Recently Oistein Eide spread his 1st public domain collection-disk containing music, under the name Maniacs of Noise. What is your opinion about it?

Why on earth does Oistein spread music now, when he has never done it before? To us it seemed like he was afraid of what we were going to write in this interview, so probably it was an attempt to become popular in the scene, we think. Why does Oistein only compose example-pieces? No work? Further, we've never heard of a so called "sample-library".

- Mantronix, you were quite a long time in Maniacs of Noise. What were/ are your experiences in this team?

The whole thing was an expensive experience! For example, I went to England (from Sweden), together with Oistein to work for a week. The trip cost me about 400 pounds, and the payment was 50 pounds. Oistein kept the rest of the payment for himself. I definetely can't afford to be "hired" this way!

- What happened to the other composers in MoN, like Bruno or Walkman?

Well, this is rather strange to us. You see, Oistein actually fired Walkman, due to (quotation:) "lack of talents". We feel it's a must to add that we do not stand behind this at all, if anybody had got the impression of that! Neither do we stand behind the ZINE 10-article "About MoN". We think that Walkman is a skillful musician, who shouldn't be underestimated. When it comes to Bruno, it is quite a sensitive case. Bruno was hired by Charles, and pretty soon after Bruno was hired in MoN, Charles went to USA. Concerning Bruno's attitude against Oistein, we shall not reveal anything.

- After both of you left MoN you joined SONIC PROJECTS. Another label of gamemusic which is organized by Matthew Simmonds, alias 4-Mat. I just remember that you didn't like his music he made some months ago. Why did you change your opinion about him and when?

Opinions just don't change like that. When we first heard 4-Mat's music, we didn't dislike it that much. But when Matthew climbed the charts, both of us started to feel envy, since none of us had entered any charts at that time. The culmination of our envy was reached when Mat got the first place in the Eurochart, and we, simultaneously felt that we could compose better music than his (released) music.

On the other hand, as many others also have said, it'd be much better if one was voted as "most popular (musician)" instead. Tip doesn't consider himself as "the best Amiga-musician", for instance.

But, what we didn't know about 4-Mat was, that he's a nice guy contrary to certain others. And nowadays, we've developed a REAL friendship with him! Regarding 4-Mat's music, we still don't find his demosongs particularly good. His early game-music is not that brilliant either. BUT, what we really like is Matthew's recent music. He has the ability of varying styles and to create nice atmospheres. He's also a very active musician. Matthew has, though got one huge disadvantage against him: he doesn't own any synthesizers, so he has to rip samples from just about every- where. When Mat gets his hand on a decent keyboard, we expect him to improve immensely. (Just for the record, these are our true opinions, we write exactly how and what we feel.)

- Sonic Projects is now what MoN was a year ago. Really a lot ofcompanies have hired S.P as their musicians. What will happen to MoN?

As we already have pointed out in the first question, we sincerely doubt that the "real" MoN has been involved in all of this. We also doubt that Charles has been informed. We have tried to call Charles, to get some answers, but we were given the reply that Charles "is in America". What will happen to MoN now is not for us to answer, but if it's really run by Oistein Eide, then we do not think that there is a future for MoN.


- Please, give us a full memberlist of SONIC PROJECTS' composers.

The members of Sonic Projects are (Oct/Nov 1991):…
Allister Brimble
Robert "Tip" Ling
Matthew "ex. 4-Mat" Simmonds
Martin "Mantronix" Wall

We entend to keep it only four members, so there's no need for any new 'recruits'. Nuke/Anarchy is NOT in Sonic Projects, he's nowadays working for a game-company called "Core Design". The rumour that Madfreak/Anarchy (ex.Brainstorm) should be in S.P. is definately… NOT true!

- How does your future look? Any synthesizers? Girlfriend(s)? School? Dog?

We think that our future looks pretty bright! Sonic Projects seems to be "the right thing", we have a lot of work, (Robert and Martin have already made the music for Psygnosis' "Agony"), great friends, and best of all; we do not have to put on any acts to please 'a certain person'.

Martin is still searching for "universal love", while Robert has found his. The most significant things in our lives are, music and girls. We're both studying on upper secondary school, with maths, physics and chemistry as 'majors'. Martin has got 1 year left until he is free to dedicate his life for music, while Robert has got 2 more years... Perhaps, we'll go to university after the military-service. Naturally, our dreams are to become full-time musicians, but in case that'd be impossible, we've got a good education as a base. Robert would like to represent himself as a psychologist, if things would go wrong with music, but Martin could see himself as a lawyer.

In his possesion Mantronix has got a Roland D-10 synth, Tip owns a D-50. The first thing we'll do, when having earned enough money (from game- music) is to buy ourselves new synths. When it comes to dogs, we get kicks out of butchering them...

- Matthew got threatened by Oistein Eide. Oistein told Matthew that the samples used by MoN are copyrighted and that he could sue Matthew for having used them. What's the truth?

We're very sceptic to the content of truth in… ALL Oistein's statements.

- Are we going to hear any songs in the future in the demoscene or won't you have the time for those "disco-demo songs"?

We're glad you pointed this out, seeing as everybody's "vision" of a "cool demo-tune" is; a simple disco-piece. We've tried our best, making something different occasionally, and then that music hasn't been especially appreciated. We find this really odd. Further on, we do not care anylonger, whether people find our music appealing or not, as we compose what we want and whatever we feel like. Music is not only to sit down, doing some junk. It is your life, reflections and much more. Personally, we don't think anyone is interested in this, neither particularly understanding. But, we'll just add that, in our forthcoming real music, more sensations (=feelings) will be revealed. We both do not care so much about Phenomena nowadays. And most members in PHA have started getting bored of the scene too. There will be a few trackloader-demos coming, and also "Crystal Symphonies II". Otherwise, there's not much action. (To groups competing: arise!) Well, it has been a funny time with the scene, but it seems to become more dull for every month passing.

A bit off the subject perhaps, but we'd like to straight a few peculiar rumours out here. Some friends of ours have told us, that there have been different rumours saying that:

1) Tip composes everything in all "Mtx-Tip"-tunes
2) Mantronix composes everything in all "Mtx-Tip"-tunes

We'll try being serious about this, since we find it utterly amusing. Well, naturally any of these rumours are not true! When composing together, we make the tune sitting together in front of the same computer/synth. We think exactly alike eachother on musical basis, and we've never argued about anything. To make it short: Mantronix and Tip complement one another superbly. In some cases, either of us start the tune and the other one makes it complete. BUT, our composing is always divided equally! In one case though, Mantronix made the most of a tune, and in another case, Tip made the most. Get it?
But, since Tip finds it slightly odd that Mantronix is as low- ranked as he is, we've decided that Mantronix will compose the tune alone for Scoopex' (France) coming demo.

- Well I guess that the truth about MoN is spoken out now. Don't you think so?

No, not really... The same day as Oistein received our letter of resignation, he called Martin. Oistein was remorseful, and he also apologized. But, a few days later he called again, and this time he threatened us, in case we would write, or say anything negative about him. What an unpleasant person!

We don't want to have anything to do with Oistein Eide at all, and we do… NOT want to be connected with him in any way. If it would be so, that he really is representing MoN, then we do not want to be associated with Maniacs of Noise either.

We are afraid that there is a strong possibility that MoN is totally innocent, and not involved at all. We have a final question: Is Oistein Eide really connected to MoN?

- At last I would like to give both of you the chance to write the legendary last words in this interview. Tip first, please:

First of all, what was stated in the "About MoN"-article in Zine 10, that I and Mantronix were supposed to quit the scene, is NOT true. We'll keep our handles for as long as we're motivated.

Secondly, my best regards to all true friends that have supported us. A list would definately be way too long including here, but just a quick one to Brainstorm (especially Axel) for making everybody initiated concerning MoN and Martin and me. Thanks! One of the few personal regards will go to, my friend: Hannu (Rebels) whom I've missed for months now. Where art thou?
My "unreal, vitality-regard" will of course go to "Mantronix"; "Carpe diem"!

- What about you, Mantronix?

Well, the whole MoN-business has been a dark period in both, my and Robert's life. We're glad it's finally over. A big greet to Mahoney from both of us! To Robert: Always remember - Blue-Oyster = 47!

Some hellos from the two of us to our 'partners in crime': Matthew, Allister, Jacob, Henke, Oliven, Bus-Per, Jimmy, Martin, Martin I., Dan S., Per T., John and Jussi P.

- Thanks a lot, my friends for telling us what the scene should have known months ago.

Don't mention it! What we've written in this interview is nothing but the truth. A word unknown to some people!

- Bye bye and good luck for your upcoming contracts and offers. Welcome in business!

Mantronix, Tip of PHENOMENA and Axel of BRAINSTORM