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³Made by Orlando/Brainstorm. 
²- To start this interview I would like to know what 'Azatoth' means and from where you got the idea to take this name as pseudonym? It's quite a strange name, isn't it? 
¹Well, the name is from a role-playing game called Call of Cthulhu and it basicly means that I'm the best, but don't take it to seriously. 
²- In the last time there were some very nice productions by you. (Enigma, Eces). Can we really expect to see all the things you anounced in the Enigma demo? 
¹No I'm sorry, what you MAY see is a new demo and a game. I will have the raytracer for myself because I don't wanna make an interface. I have some problems with the inspiration right now but I figure it will pass soon. 
²- So everyone is interested what way "famous" coders to proceed when programing. What is your favourite way? 
¹It depends, but let's say I'm making a demo. First I figure out some cool ideas, then I plan the code and finally i write the code. Isn't it simple? 
²- Some words about ray-tracing! 
¹'RaTrasning' as we say in Sweden (Hi Mosh!) is indeed a very cool thing to do but it demands extreme CPU-Power. It would BE something to get it down to real-time. 
²- The first demo I saw from you, was the "Vectormania" demo. Was it really your first? Were you in any other group before you've joined Phenomena? Since when are you a member of Phenomena? 
¹Well... the VecMania demo was my first released demo but I had made some small test-demos before. I joined Phenomena as my first group when I released VecMania. 
²- What do you think about the good old Pacman game? Were you a pacman freak, too? (Orlando: I STILL am a true lover of yellow, hungry, ugly but beautiful pacmans...) 
¹I played some sort of pacman game a little when i was a kid but I haven't tried it lately. Maybe I should?  
²- You wrote that you want to code a game. What are the most important things in a game. (code, graphics, music, gameplay...)? 
¹You play games in order to have fun, and therefore the most important thing in a game is simply that it is funny to play. To  achieve that it's an advantage to have good gameplay, code, gfx and music. 
²- What is your opinion about the amiga-legends? Do they deserve to be called legends. (e.g. SCA, The Champs, HQC, Star Frontiers, Light Circle) Do you feel to be a legend, too? 
¹Sorry, but I can't say anything about the legends you mentioned because I didn't know what Amiga was at that time, I started programming only two years ago. If I'm a legend? Well if you have understood what the word legend means you should know that you can't be a legend while you're still active. 
²- So... do you give credits to the old greeks for the formulas in the future? What is your relationship to Photon? 
¹Well... What can I say. The man wrote some shit in his scrolly which made me upset. The same shit has now reached the euronews as a rumour, I can only say that the rumour is total bullshit. 
²- Why do you have such a motivation to code the whole week...? What is soooo astonishing when pressing down some keys of a keyboard... 
¹Hmm... Well you see in this world that we're living in, there are all sorts of people, and I'm the kinda guy that like (among other things) to create different stuff. You ask me for the reason of this, but there is no answer available. I just find it interesting. There are other guys that like to booze every day and to be with the gang 24-hours a day but  I feel trapped when I'm in that kind of company too much. Besides I'm not coding the hole week. 
²- What do you think about the old Phenomena demos? What do you know about Mr.Gurk's future activities? 
¹I love the old Phenomena demos. Mr.Gurk is currently collecting material for a new demo. And probably he will soon release a Dentro with a quite special vecroutine. 
²- What do you think about the following coders and their demos? (PLEASE, write what you think, not what others want to see!!!) 
²-- Slayer/Scoopex 
¹Cool ideas combined with fine coding, a strong combination. 
²-- Tec/Cryptoburners 
¹Good code and nice looking, but no new ideas. 
²-- Freddy/Quartex 
¹Never seen anything from him. 
²-- Photon/Scoopex 
¹No new ideas but 24-hours a day coding has given nice code. 
²-- Wild Copper (Harlequin) 
¹The demo is cool but quite simple and full of bugs, so nothing special. 
²-- Chris/Storm (Blitter Desaster) 
¹Boring demo... 
²-- Celebrandil/Phenomena 
¹Cool maths and new ideas, a strong combination 
²-- Mahoney & Kaktus 
¹Sick design, but nice in a way. 
²- How do you rank yourself in the coder charts? 
¹I don't. 
²- What relationship do you have to cracker groups, especially crackers, modemtraders and sysops? 
¹Crackers are lamers ripping other peoples work, trying to get famous, but for me they only make fools of themsleves bcause they don't create anything of their own. They are good when you want a certain program though. 
²- What was the most astonishing event in your computer-life? 
¹I don't know for sure, maybe it was when I won first prise with VectorMania. 
²- What does your desk look like before and after sitting 10 hours in front of the screen? What do you look like after such a long session? 
¹Oh, it was a long time since I had that kind of session. It think it looked a little messy but not to abnormal. 
²- Talking about your favorite chewing-gums... And what about other real food, junk food, Swiss and Swedish food? 
¹Well, I love Chinese food, junk food is often handy, Swiss chocolate is fine and finally Swedish meatballs rulsar. 
²- Short questions coming up... 
²Best demo:¹ MH, Cebit, Hunt 
²Best coder:¹ Tec, Promax, Slayer 
²Best musician:¹ Firefox, Romeo, Moby 
²Best graphician:¹ Uno, Terminator of TRSI, Color. 
²Best game:¹ Lotus, Turrican II 
²Best PD-serie:¹ No idea. 
²Age:¹ 18. 
²Hobbies beside coding:¹ Tennis, Football, Moto- cross, disc- jockying. 
²Favourite school lesson:¹ Maths, Physics. 
²- Like in every interview I'll let my victim the chance to write down what he wants to... 
¹I'd like to send a thanks to all guys who have written to me and if someone still wants to contact me for ANY reason then here's the address: 
        Olle Lindroth 
        Sandviksv. 99 
        16240 Vallingby 
Good bye and have a nice day! 
Bye... Thaaaaanks!