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³MAESTRO of FLASH PRODUCTION has been interviewed by AXEL of BRS while visiting his place in Denmark during the summer holidays. 
- ²Well, everybody knows about your membership in KEFRENS as a musician. In the last issue we got to know the background information about ²KEFRENS¹' death. Why did you join FLASH PROD. then?¹ 
¹Well, while beeing in Kefrens I often thought about leaving. The guys in  Kefrens were great Coders, Graphics Artists, Musicians, etc. but the friendship was a failure. We never had meetings and we only talked to eachother when we had to make something. Further more I think we were taking in too much people in the last few months of our life. I supported this idea myself, but now I know that it is not a good one. We kicked out too many of the "old" guys and got in to many new ones. Why did I join Flash Production then? Well, Flash Production had all the things that Kefrens didn't have. They had one hell of a friendship, they were nice guys, and last of all, I knew them very good. Though you might think I'm crazy to join a group like Flash Production then, 'cause they don't have the same class as Kefrens had (Sorry guys) but actually it's not always a matter of class...¹ 
- ²Yep, that surely is right. In the past Flash Production made a few great demos like the PAPYRUS or HUMANOID (1 and a half year ago), but why did they never or at least not often win a demo competition with their demos, even if they are having a stunning performance? 
¹Ok now, the ever returning question - Democompetitions -. We actually won a democompetition once. The 2000 A.D was won by Flash Production. But as you say we haven't won much prices lately. I don't think it's because of the quality of the demos, but maybe perhaps we have got a bad image. Bad image means "We are the ultimate best but people doesn't know!!!" (HE HE). No, just kidding. The thing we are missing is great new ideas. It will not help anything if we release demos like everybody else's. Vectors, Plasma, Dots,  Bobs, all bad old ideas. If we should obtain a new member in Flash Production (I don't think we will though), it has to be a Coder with many new ideas... 
- ²What are the future plans of FLASH PRODUCTION? 
¹HMM! I knew this question had to come, and ofcourse my answer has to come too. Future plans? Concerning to the demo-scene I wouldn't expect a new demo from Flash Production before I saw it. This doesn't mean that we are dead though. Maybe we will do some demos in the future (just for fun). What are we using our time on if it isn't demos then? Well, nearly the entire Flash Production crew has been hired by the danish softwarecompany INTERACTIVISION (commercial!!!) for doing games on both Amiga and CDTV. We have founded a label for professional gamecreations called UNREAL DESIGN and further more I have joined the soon to come number one in the gamemusic-scene - ²SOUND WIZARDS¹ -. This is also a label, but this time for music only. We don't try to do the same things as Maniacs of Noise, we just think that a gamemusic-group would give more money. Though, you have to know that Flash Production still has got some full-time demo Coders. One of them is Vixen, and he is not going to make any games in the future... 
- ²Well, let's speak about SOUND WIZARDS then. Some of you surely know that Grubi and me (Axel) formed this label some months ago to get into the 'real' scene, the games scene. Maestro joined later on to raise our performance. What were the main reasons for joining SOUND WIZARDS? 
¹Now everybody would answer: "Because I think it could be great to make some gamemusic", but I won't. I'll be honest to you. I did it for the money only. Money means Synth's, more synth's means more money and even more money means lots of girls, booze, swimmingpools, cars, and fun!¹ 
- ²Would you also like to do it as a fulltime job? 
¹My life is three things: Girls, Sleeping, and Music. Music for me means everything and I would never give up the music for anything. Computermusic for a living could be great, though I wouldn't count on that. You make much with computermusic, but not enough for a living I guess. Though it could be great to combine the gamemusic with real music (Synth) and then make Spots for radio/tv stations and small jingles for companies or even moviethemes, who knows. Let's see what the future will bring!¹ 
- ²How about opening an own company then? Hehe! Yeah, that would be fine, but let's get back to reality. Let's rush through a few musicians! Only say a few words to each one. 
²-- Charles Deenen 
¹Now this one is like candy. Everytime you hear the word you get hungry. Hungry for his music. In my opinion he is one of the ultimate best musicians on the Amiga. I would like to hear some of his synth music also. My advice to him would be: Don't change your style, continue your great work. My rank - Number one 
²-- Oistein Eide 
¹Why are you always chosing these Maniacs of Noise guys. Well, Oistein Eide is in my oppinion also a very qualified musician. He actually changed my style on this machine. After I heard his "Flee Heart" I didn't want to make pop-music anymore - Thanks. My rank - Number three. 
²-- Tip/Phenomena? 
¹Who? Who is he? Never heard of him. Well ofcourse I have but his music doesn't say anything to me. I think the tune on Enigma showed that he IS able to make music, but he really should change his style and try to make some other music. This is ofcourse my opinion and nobody says it's the right one, it's a matter of taste - But I don't like his music that much. My Rank - Number eleven. 
²-- Matthew "4-Mat" Simmonds 
¹His chiptunes are allright but he is not worth the first place anyway. Where has people's taste gone? Though I think he has a future in the game-scene 'cause his music is quite short. That's all. My rank - Number five. 
²-- Bjorn A. Lynne (ex-Dr. Awesome) 
¹I didn't know that Bjorn could do gamemusics also. Anyway he is cool when it comes to title-tunes though. The tune on BRAT was really great, Bjorn. Though it wasn't the best tune ever it really did fit the game perfectly. Many people have told me that they think it was wrong of you to leave the scene. Well, I don't. The scene is only for practising the real scene. (The gamescene.). My Rank - Number Four! 
- ²Well, who's number two then? 
¹Without any doubt number two will be - Chris Huelsbeck. His tune on Turrican 2 was really great... 
- ²All right, accepted! What shall we do know? 
¹HM! let's do some bad jokes. Only one, 'cause I only know this single one. This one happend in the dessert: 
A legionary had to go for duty in the dessert, and after having settled down he went to see some of the other guys around. After some time he noticed that they weren't any girls at the place so he asked the general what he should do if he needed a fuck. Then the general told him that then they used to take the horses. Hm! the horses then, pretty wierd, but they might do it all right though. Then, one day he needed a fuck he went for the horses. In the middle of the not so gentle love-affair the general came. The general yelled : "What the hell are you doing". The legionary answered: "You told me to use the horses". - "Yeah ofcourse, use them to get to the town, jerk!". 
That's a good one I think 
- ²Yes, it surely is a good one! But now for some other things: What is your most loved food, drink, album, game, demo, coder, gfx-artist?¹ 
²FOOD:¹    My favourite food is Pizza, but the McDonalds BicMac is also OK 
²DRINK:¹   No doubt. You can't be the feeling of coke! 
²Album:¹   David Sanborn - A change of heart and Voyager (?) 
²GAME:¹    My favourite game is KickOff2 but also Gods is great! 
²Demo:¹    Northstar/Fairlight Megademo 2 (Old But Cool) 
²Coder:¹   Coders! Amiga-Freelancers, hey thanks for Protracker guys! 
²GFX:¹     Slash (Jacob Andersen) is actually one of the best I guess. UNO watch out... 
²Best Friend:¹ Axel/Brainstorm 
- ²Thanks for your personal chart! But in fact we do not want to fill the whole ZINE with our blah-blah we better stop at this place. Maybe we will talk about some other topics in the nex ZINE the next time then. Allright? 
¹Yep, that's a great idea. Thanks a lot for interviewing me for this issue and good luck with the next ten issues! 
²Thanks! We surely can need your words! 
Signed by Axel and Maestro in Summer '91