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               MULTI   !
          Interview with Facet/VISION done by Ramon B5/THE LORDSĖ‡

 B5    Please    introduce   yourself:      Facet: I ?   nah ,  Vision  is
       name,  age,  activity  in  your           based on democracy,for instance
       group.                                    if someone wants to join he has
                                                 to ask all VISION freaks.
Facet:   my name is FACET...  my  age is
       eh..   17 and i'm a  graphician      B5   :   Have you been a member  of  any
       and sometimes i'm  a  swapper..           other groups?
       and i'm also a  member  of  the
       norwegian    group     ABSENCE.      Facet:   eeh.. no.

B5   :   Are you the boss or  is  VISION      B5   :   How is your sexlife?
       based upon democracy?
                                            Facet:   Ask Tip of Phenomena (MON), but

       in    case    you   really  are           you're interested)
       interested it's ok these  days.
                                            B5   :   What is your favourite diskmag?
B5   :   Who's your   favourite   coder/
       musician/gfx-artist?                 Facet:   Stolen Data , Zine  and  I.C.E.

Facet:   my favourite coder is  my  good      B5   :   What's  your  favourite  movie?
       friend  TSM  of  vision..  (who
       else?)                               Facet:   hhmm.. TOTAL RECALL and
       my favourite musician is my pal           PRETTY WOMEN.
       in  Sweden  Tip  of  PHENOMENA.
       my  favourite  graphicians  are      B5   :   How many  time  do  you  spend
       Hein of VISION and Color of PHA           using your Amiga?
       and my favourite girl  at  this
       moment   is  Natasja   (in case      Facet:   about 1 hour a day, it depends

       on what I'm working on.                   'witte bonen  in  tomatensaus'?

B5   :   What hardware are you using?         Facet:   Aaah..   jum  jum ..   I   like
                                                 w.b.i.t.s...  it's  one  of  my
Facet:   only one  Amiga 500,  5.25  and           favoutites   but   pizza's  and
       3.5  extra  drives,  an  Action           hamburgers    are    also   ok!
       Replay 1.5 (to  rip  graphics..
       he he), a monitor and  a  mouse      B5   :   What kind of  software  do  you
       and a joystick.                           usually run on your Amiga?

B5   :   What was your  first  computer?      Facet:   wb clock.. .no, dpaint and pro-
                                                 tracker and texted.
Facet:   a toshiba MSX.. (jukki bah!)
                                            B5   :   When   and    where   did   you
B5   :   Do you  like  Dutch  food  like           experience your best copyparty?

Facet:   You   probably   heard  of  the           country for the  famous  groups
       Porsgunn party held by CRB,etc.           and people but ofcourse Holland
       well that was my best party  so           has some famous(?) groups  like
       far , it's  nice  to  meet  old           MIRAGE, AXIS, THE LORDS, DYNAX,
       friends and meet  new  friends.           LEGEND ,  JETSET.  And  not  to
       Especially when they  are  from           metion   all    the    sections
       the female sex...                         of foreigner groups.
       Again    you'll   have  to  ask
       Tip/Phenomena for explanations.      B5   :   What's   your  opinion  of  the
B5   :   What about your local scene: do
       there     live    any    famous      Facet:   Till now i'm   not  complaining
       people/groups?                            but I must say i'm  only  doing
                                                 something on Amiga  because  of
Facet:   well Holland isn't  really  the           some real good friends and  the

       demo-scene. I just love all new           Trix,Jake,Omega,Jake,Tip,Color,
       demos!                                    Mace,Azatoth,Mr.mount,Mantronix
                                                 Andy,Mcs, Quest, Circletwister,
B5   :   Ask yourself   a  question  and           Bustman,Goofy,Headx,Heatseeker,
       answer it.                                Vectorman,  Joker, Mage, Flash,
Facet:   are you cool facet?                       well I could go on and on  but
Facet:   naah .. I'm the  lamest  person           that would be boring so let us
       walking around in Holland!                see what  for  nice  questions
Facet:   and which guys do you wanna               Ramon can ask me...
       greet...  (he he he )
Facet:   well there are a lot ...             B5   :   Let's talk about  Vision,   how
       here are some ...                         many members does  Vision  have
       all VISION and ABSENCE members,           now?
       Dan,Icronite,Rush, Mosh, Teeze,

Facet:   eh lets count. 1+1-2+4:4+3*4-3.                      THE COAST MUSQUITO
       that makes us on 13...              - Hein Design  - graphician and
       but only a number doesnt give a                      musician
       real image of  our  members  so     - Tsm          - coder
       I'll give you our memberlist...     - Facet        - graphician and
 - Orc          - graphician               - Timelord     - sysop of
 - Mike         - vhs swapper,magazine                      BAD HABBIT,magazine
 - Homeboy      - coder                    - Stingray     - swapper
 - Vector       - coder
 - Rick         - musician                and thats all..  is this a weird
 - Flash        - swapper,packer          combination of freaks or what...
 - Mindblaster  - swapper,packer
 - Slash        - coder,graphician and      B5   :   If you have foreign divisions,
                  sysop of                       in which countries  are  they?

Facet:   Vision   doesn't   really   has           brothers,   doesn't  this  give
       foreign divisions but  we  have           troubles?
       two members living in  Norway..
       namely : FLASH and MINDBLASTER.      Facet:   I supose not because  they  are
       the rest of VISION  are  living           still freaking like  hell!  And
       in Holland..                              they are now busy  with  a  new
                                                 trackdemo  which  is  gonna  be
B5   :   How long does Vision  exist  in           great! Rick  and  I  will  also
       the Amiga-scene?                          work on this demo.

Facet:   Since november 1987.. or was it      B5   :   Tell  us  something  about  the
       1988..   I'm  not  so  good  in           next VISION party.
                                            Facet:   I was told  that   Stingray  of
B5   :   I heard TSM and Hein-Design are           VISION and LEGEND wanted to  do

       something like a party and that      B5   :   Are there any wars between
       one was supose to  be  in  late           VISION  and  any  other groups?
       September.. but you will   have
       to   ask  Stingray  for  that !      Facet:   Not that I know. Ofcourse there
                                                 are guys in this scene who  are
B5   :   Is  Vision going to make a next           worth to be in war with but I'm
       issue of their magazine?                  not really a strong  guy  so  I
                                                 don't want  any  troubles  till
Facet:   Yes, we first wanted to release           I'm a strong guy.. .
       it for the norwegian party  but
       we since the lack of  time  the      B5   :   Are there any troubles with the
       magazine guys didn't succeed in           Police?
       finnish it in time. So I  think
       it will   be  released  soon...      Facet:   Yes,   but   they  are  not  in
                                                 connection with VISION.

B5   :   What are the future  plans  for           parties.
       VISION?                                   For joining   Vision's  fanclub
                                                 contact TSM...     (he he he)..
Facet:   Ofcourse   releasing   our  new           Well if anyone out there  wants
       trackdemo,  demos's ,  intro's,           to write me a letter or candy's
       illegal copy's, packs. Let  new           then send it to:
       coders ,graphicians , musicians
       join and organize  a  party (?)           Facet of VISION/ABSENCE (WHQ ?)
       and ofcourse stay as lazy as we           Martijn van Meel
       were till now!                            Burg.van erplaan 11
                                                 5171 JZ Kaatsheuvel
B5   :   Some last words, suggestions...           Holland

Facet:   well thanks for interviewing me           or just call me of send  a  Fax
       and see you all at some comming           +31(0)4167 - 75817