Party Review for Cebit 90

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added 2/94
Well, how to start? Well, ...we started to Hannover on Friday the 23.3 at 12.24 a.m from Bale and arrived at 19 p.m.. There we (some D-TECT members, me and another one) splitted up and went to our different places for sleeping, fucking, boozing, chatting... 
On the 24.3 in the morning we went on the CE-BIT till in the evening. On the CE-BIT it was really amazing. I've never seen such big halls before. The most interesting point for the freaks was the Commodore- Amiga place. The wall was full of stickers at the end of the day. The attraction of the day were a few policemen who searched without success for RSI and STORM members who had a nice fight. Then the main event (?) of the weekend started THE APEX PARTY. Well, we drove there with the 'Stras- senbahn' and after a long walk we arrived an old housing. But it was quite a big one. In the beginning it didn't look like a party but like the Paralamia Party in Cologne. But the situation slowly improved and more and more computers arrived. In the evening after 10 o'clock (or so...) there was also a hardcore ACID disco. Well there were all the big groups: TSB, APEX, RSI, TOP, RAP-X, PRONG, D-TECT, BRAINSTORM, PHAZE 101, SILVER-HAWKS, LEVEL 4, ALL KIND OF ALPHA FLIGHT'S, TARKUS TEAM, SUPPLEX, EXTERMINATORS... 
There are rumours that also Quartex was there. But I've never seen them. Some nice stuff came up like many nice demos, sounddisks, Budukan, First Contact ...For entering the party you had not to pay anything. That was very kind from the organizers, as Hannover is a very costly place! 
Well the Democompetition was won by RSI (Who else ?), the second place was achieved by TSB. I think there 6 demos ranked. I don't remind the prices.