Release Review for Eurochart 03

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added 2/94
The Crusaders have done it again! The March 1st issue of the Eurocharts (a Crusader's Product) was really impressive (my thought). The design improved very much in comparison to the previous two issues. The Sound is as always quiet nice. The Grafics have improved, and the the User-Friendliness has stayed the same. 
I once again enjoyed the very nice Crusaders logo. The "Press the S Key to Continue" is starting to bug me, but I must say I like it better than a "Hit the left mouse button to continue" message. Well anyway those are details which aren't as important as the charts themselves. "Don't blame us, blame Europe", I sorta like that sentence. It is hard to say that the charts are unfair, because so many freaks have voted, and they hardly could vote ALL wrong. Something which I don't understand is the following: How could RSI's "Follow Me" Demo be rated so high?? Ok, ok Sound and Grafics are good but the coding..... I would like to ask you this " Would the demo be rated so high if it had been released by some infamous group?". Probably not. Well, I guess here you see a problem. Many people rate a demo BY WHO it was made, and not HOW it was made. You might not agree with me, but look around and you'll see that you'll do the same! All in all I think the charts are once again fair (except the "Best Magazine" Chart, I think there is some kind of typing error because I see ourselves on the second place and not on the first.) 
 I think a "Demo Crew Chart" and "Mega Demo Chart" would be nice to see in  the future. 
Keep it up Crusaders!