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added 2/94
Here comes a little interview done by EF/M.A.D. His victim was a member of Dual Crew. 
-Who are you? (Name, Functions) 
Name: Stookie. I am spreader, modem phreaker (14400 Baud) and organizer. 
-When was Dual Crew born and why? 
We were born 1987 on the good old toaster (C-64). Why? Who the fuck knows. I joined Dual Crew 1988 when some guys started on Amiga. 
-How many members? 10 
-What's the principal function of DC? (make demos, crack?) 
We publish our diskmag "Smooth Criminal", make Trainers, demos and some cracks (when we get orginals) 
-Your future projects? 
Our cruel adventure "Bleed" is ready and will be released after our Megademo. What do you think about modem? It's great to have a modem, but it was better before the modems came into the scene. Now you must have a modem to be as fast as possible. 
-How many contacts do you have? 
Too many! I think it's about 80-100 -What do you think about swedish scene? 
There are some good ones (no names!) and some lame ones (they know who they are!). 
-And what about the Europe scene? 
West-Germany rules! The rest just follows them. What do you think about a lamer who ask you for new stuff every day? It's ok, if he pays. Some words about cops. We have some trouble with'em, since we published an address to a weapon dealer in sweden in our mag "Smooth Criminal", but who cares? 
-What about Copy-Parties? 
I love Copy-Parties! But I hate all losers who are sneaking around and ask for new stuff. 
-Your favorite teams: Crack Team: Defjam-CCS (Quality cracks!) 
Demo Team: It must be Red Sector 
Others: Bamiga Sector One (Hi Davis!) 
-Your favorite Demo? 
Vectorballs by Red Sector, it's hard to beat that one. 
-What do you think about girls in scene? 
Have you seen anyone? I haven't! If you have, tell them to contact me! 
-Do you like Cooperations (X-Men)? 
We have got offers from many great crews, but we will stay on our own leggs. 
-Why have you break with X-Men? 
We went in co-operation with X-Men when they almost stopped there activities, so we where the only one who produced and released stuff. But we splitted as friends. 
-Are the Legends dead? (SCA,Ackerlight....) 
They aren't coplete dead. Some of'em are producing games for software companies. But all the others? Who knows? 
-What do you think about big teams, who have an Amiga only to earn money? 
It's nothing we can do about it! I still miss the good old times. 
-Your favourite music? (Not on Amiga) 
Laibach, Front 242, Nitzer Ebb, Bangles, Depeche Mode, Metallica, Pat Benatar etc. 
-Your favorite meal?  
Hamburgers and pizza (it makes the stomach real shitty after 3 days copy-party) 
-What about the phone-bill? I don't want to talk about it. The phone-bill gives me nightmares. (typed in by ex-member Yankee)