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Mr.Gurk and Dream Warrior of Phenomena were interviewed by Truxion of Brainstorm. 
First some routine questions. 
- How old are you? 
I, Dream Warrior will become 17 in June and Gurk is 19 in may. 
-When and why did you buy your Amiga? 
We bought our Amigas 1987 the reasone I think was the incredebly graphics compared to the C64. It was a dream. 
-Tell us something about your first days on the Amiga? 
Well, i just tried the possibilities with the machine and was very impressed with Dpaint. Gurk wrote WORM in basic two days after he had bought his Amiga. 
-Why Triangle had to die? 
Well, we were just to many people and many of them where just real lamers doing nothing. The second reasone was that Andreas Tadic left for Phenomena and he was part of the inner  circle of Triangle. Now Tadic is coding games and i think he will release his first one through Ocean software. 
-When and why was Phenomena founded? 
Phenomena was founded a long time ago but then she died cuz all cool members left for Ipec Elite. Then the guys from the old Phenomena got tiered of Ipec they decided to start the old group Phenomena again, the name was so good. A short while after this all good coders left Triangle for Phenomena. Now  there's only the coders from Triangle left in Phenomena and  ofcource some new members like FIREFOX, TERMINATOR and DANKO (Yes, he is NOT a member of Fairlight) 
-How many members does Phenomena have today? 
We are 12 members at the monment. 
-What do you think about the last issue of Zine? 
I think it was really great, best disk mag at the moment. 
Good, now some other questions?  
-When you must get up in the morning? 
We have to go up at 7 o'clock. 
-And what's do you eat for breakfest?  
WE eat lamers for breakfast. 
-How's your Saturday night life in your town? 
usually it's DEAD !!! 
-Do you have a girlfriend (boyfriend??). 
Nop, feel free to send them here. 
-Are you interested in politics? (Why?) 
Yes, just to see that they dont get any silly ideas about some mean copyright law. 
-What's your contribution for a clean environment? 
Short letters to my contacts (He he he) 
-Will there be a second Phenomena Megademo? 
Yes, and very soon to. We hope to introduce you to some  new ideas just like the first one with filled vector. 
-List us some Legends. 
Sodan, MMM, Il Scuro and Crazy Typer. 
-What's do you think about Trainers/Mega-Trainers? 
They are okay for people who like to spend their time whatching nice graphics. 
-What do you think about Storm's attitude? 
Who's Storm? 
-Is Phenomena only a Demo Crew or will there be some other projects in future? 
At the moment we are only doing demos and utilities but who knows? 
-Is there a good future for the Amiga Scene? 
Yes, since we're on it!!! 
-Your opinion on modems. 
The idea is good but cuz of the speed to many groups release half finished jobs. 
-Is the design of a demo important for you? 
Yes i think so just whatch the old megaforce demos, but sometime  it is not possible to have a perfect layout. Here i like all groups who are doing ball demos to stop doing that. Noone likes them unless there is a new idea in them. 
-How many time did you spend every day on your computers? 
 About 4 hours a day.  
-Where you ever in Switzerland, if yes tell us something about it. 
Well i, Dream Warrior, have relatives in Switzerland so maybe i will come and visit you sometime. The country is nice, almost as nice as Sweden. 
-Until when will you stay on the Computer Scene. 
Until we get tired or start to work as profesionals. 
-Do you like Speed-Metal? 
  Shit!!! The only real music is Synth. Depeche mode for ever!!! 
-Phenomena is a Legal-Crew. Why? Is there a severe Police in your country?  
Nop, but it may come and then it does i don't have to be worry just cuz i put out my address in our demos and your mag. 
S-73249 ARBOGA 
We don't mind to get other groups productions, like cracks but the reasone for us swaping is to get our productions spread. So if  you are interested just contact us, lamers won't get any answers. 
-When and where was the next Phenomena-Party? 
The last Phenomena party was in our home town, Arboga, between 7/1-9/1. We will probably not have another party cuz it was a lot  of hard work. 
-All right. That's all. Some last words?  
 COMPETITON IS NONE and hello to all other Phenomena members. 
Thanks for answering this interview, we hope to see more cool designed demos  from Phenomena.