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added 3/94
Blitboy & Raxor of KEFRENS were interviewed by Truxion of Brainstorm. 
How old are you? 
-Blitboy is 15 and Raxor is 16 years old. 
When did you buy your first Amiga? 
-In 1987 (Summer). 
A few sentences about the Kefrens history. 
-We dont know much about Kefrens history because we are new in the group. 
Tell us something about your members and their functions in the group. 
-We are about 29 members in Kefrens. 23 in Denmark and 6 in Germany. And we do all sort of things. 
What do you think about the first issue of ZINE? 
-It was pretty cool. One of the best disk mags. 
What are your projects for next year? 
-He he guys wait and see. 
What are your favorite drinks (wihtout alcohol) and eats? 
-Our favorite drink is Coca-Cola and best food is a BigMac.  And when it comes to alcohol it must be Tuborg and Wodka. 
Your favorite sound? Last bought LP/CD? 
-Our favorite singer is Don Johnson. You cant sleep when you are listening to him. Just kidding it's legoland efter lukketid. (disney after dark) 
What are your prefered holiday- places? 
-Spain (Lotsa nice girls down there in the sommer). 
Look back on 1989. What was positive or negative for you in this  year on the Amiga-scene? 
-Lotsa cool demos in this year. 
Tell us something about your local Amiga-scene. 
-We are living in a small town with lotsa lamers and only a few cool groups like Kefrens and Bounty. 
Best joke you've ever heard. 
-Atari ST will beat Amiga. 
Are you interrested in politics? 
-No! but our grannys is. 
What is your computer- configuration? 
-We code must of the time and some swapping. 
What was the last party you have been? 
-Cant remember! 
What about the Bamiga-Party, did you hear something about it? (What's happened to Quartex ?) 
-No, what happened, did they die? 
What's your slogan? 
-Forces of the pyramids. 
What's your favorite car? 
-Skoda is a cool car with lotsa horse power and stuff like that. 
What about the TV series Dallas and Dynasty? 
-What the heck is that? Is that the news in Germany? 
Who came up with the groupname Kefrens? 
-It is probably the father of Kefrens (he's an old pharao), well we dont know but it probably came from Haslev. 
Tell us somthing about the police in Denmark. 
-The police in Denmark are good they are just doing their job and they never disturb us. 
How long did Kefrens work on the last Megademo? 
-Well, we dont know, but about a month we guess. 
O.K. That's all. Perhaps you want to say something? 
-Susan O. is a lamer and ugly! Blitboy want some danish girls to write to him so do that girls (only danish girls).