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Doctor No and Sector 9 of RAZOR 1911 were interviewed by Mosher of Cosa Nostra. 
The history of your group. 
-Razor was born in 1985, only on C64 of course. Some cool demos were released and we became rather famous. Unfortunately the group split in late 1986. But on the Danish Gold copyparty in 1987 the crew was reborn, this time as a pure Amiga crew. In the summer of 1988, we released our first real Amiga demo together with Thrust. The rest of the story you probably know. 
What your functions in your group? 
-Coders and leaders. 
What do you think about your local Amiga scene? 
-Local scene? Well, the Norwegian scene in general is not too bad, although some guys seem to imagine that they are the best after their first close encounter with the 68000 engine. 
What's your opinion on demos? 
-Too many demos are looking just like all other demos. Invent some new  techniques. And: 431 Bobs demos are so boooooring.... 
Your favorite hobby? 
-Computers and nerd-hunting. 
Do you have modem? 
A few words about phreaking. 
-Well, it's certainly a cheap(er) way to make phonecalls. 
List us the best demos you have seen in the last few months. 
-RSI Megademo, Synth Sample 2 and Unique vectors. 
How many swap partners do you have? -Hmmmm, about 1911. 
Will that number change in the future? 
-It will probably be decreased a bit. 
Is the fastness of modem-trading affecting you? 
-Yes, it seems like fastness has become necessary these days, so you simply need it. 
Tell us, what you know about the American scene. 
-Some years ago, there were some good crews from the USA like UCF, ESI and NEPA. These days nearly all Americans are members of big European groups, mostly as sysops for their BBS. 
Have you got anything good to tell us about others scenes? 
-Amiga freaks from South Africa are cool. 
Have you heard any good, bad, important rumors lately? 
-Good rumors, A500 Kick Reset V19.11 will soon be ready. (This one is working!) Funny rumors, stupid Newsflash magazine put our first Kick Reset in their utility section. 
Compare the Amiga scene to C64 scene. 
-There are far too many crews on the C64, the capabilities of the C64 is now  pushed to its limits, although there are still many cool demos being released. 
What is your opinion on old heroes like BS1, The Kent Team, SCA etc.? 
-Never forget them. (Get the Amiga pioneers disks if you enjoy the old heroes.) 
Your favorite programmer? 
-Jeff Miner and Sodan of Flying Crackers.