Release Review for Experiment

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downloadZine 2
on Brainstorm & D-Tect Castle Party 2
Chester - Grubi - Majestic - ...
added 3/94
4. Name: Crusaders Music Disk 
   Group: Crusaders 
   2 parts 
Dr.Awesome, the famous musician is back with his really great sounds. The Crusaders made a new music disks with better music and better coding. In the beginning of the demo a circle scroll, it's a very cool, but it's just the loader. 
Ouah! After pressing the rat, a great purple planet is moving on the screen with a really great voice. (Note that the purple planet was drawn by Dr.C  of Red Sector.) and after the voice has finished, the planet is clearing slowly. A music like J.M. Jarre with a vertical scrolling and bobs. The action continues with a sine scroll beneath and at the top, a message with the credits  and greetings. Tthe music is wouah! If you're pressing the F6 you can listen the music of the Crusaders  charts november. 
  I like:       83 % 
  Gfx:          73 % 
  Sound:        90 % 
  Animation:    79 % 
  Originality:  82 %