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downloadZine 2
on Brainstorm & D-Tect Castle Party 2
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added 3/94
1. Name: Beast Demo 
   Group: Animate 
   3 Parts 
Yeah, this demo is a really cool one. We could see 3 great parts. The first one is coded by the famous Dr.Dma. It looks simply, but it's really great with big bobs. We recognize the coding style of Dr.Dma. 
In the second part, it's again a Dr.Dma. part, but this time with great equalizers made with Copper. I have never seen this style of equalizer before and at the top of the screen, we could see a sin scroll. 
The third part is really great. It was coded by Drucer. On the screen, we could see the Beast presentation, with all parallax scrolling, but the Beast logo is missing, and Animate logo is here. I like the effect on the  logo: In the beginning of the demo, the logo is broken. And when it is bouncing at the screen, it joins and becomes a good logo of Animate. 
I think that this demo is simply one of the best I've seen. Continue your great work Animate. 
  I like:       89 % 
  Gfx:          85 % 
  Sound:        84 % 
  Animation:    89 % 
  Originality:  82 %