Release Review for Seven Sins

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downloadZine 2
on Brainstorm & D-Tect Castle Party 2
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added 3/94
3. Name: First Demo From Finland 
   Group: Scoopex 
   A lot of parts 
Scoopex 'Generations Ahead' has got a new finland Division. They made their first demo. When I loaded it (from a Brainstorm pack of coz') I was very  surprised by the quality of this demo. It contains fantastic animations. It's the best demo made on Amiga. The music is really cool. The demo contains a lots of parts including: New style of scroll, sine, 3D bobs (no bore), 3D filled vecs, etc. 
  I like:       99 % 
  Gfx:          89 % 
  Sound:        93 % 
  Animation:    95 % 
  Originality:  94 %