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on Brainstorm & D-Tect Castle Party 2
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added 3/94
MAFFIA answered the questions of Majestic of Brainstorm. 
Your name? 
A short history about your group. 
-Mafia was founded in February 1989. We are now 15 members in Mafia. 
What's your function in the group? 
-I am one of the leaders in our group, I also swap and make some grafix. 
What do you think about your local Amiga scene? 
-I think Sweden is one of the most active countries in Europe, many cool groups live here and some of them crack! Sweden has got groups like: Def Jam, Silents, Fairlight, Northstar, D-mob, and Mafia of course! The Police is no danger here! 
What's your opinion on demos? 
-I like demos very much, and I think Spreadpoint and Red Sector make very good  demos. 
Your favorite hobby? 
-Computing and Video. 
Do You have a modem? 
A few words about phreaking. 
-I don't like it 'cause I am a briefswapper! 
List us the best demos you have seen in the last few months: 
-Red Sector Megademo, Spreadpoints 'wooow demo' and Def Jam's "Snurkle Scroller". 
How many swap partner do you have? 
-About 30. 
Will that number change in the future? 
-Yes, I think so, coz now I have a job. You know, no money, no swapping. 
Is the fastness of modem trading affecting you? 
-Yes, of course. 
Tell us, what you know about the American scene. 
-I don't know anything. 
What's your opinion about old heros like BS1, The Kent Team, SCA etc.? 
-They are legends and will not be forgotten. 
Your favorite programmer?