Party Review for Bamiga Copy Party 89

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added 3/94
Well, maybe you know that France is directly responsible for the facts which happened at the BS1 party. 
As a matter of fact, APP (Agence pour la Protection des Programmes, Agency for the softwares protection) and Titus sent a press info in the french magazine called Commodore Revue. Here's what happened exactly: 
8h00 am, the APP director leaves Paris with an international rogatory comission. With him, two french inspectors and four men from TITUS. They are going to the party. 11h00 am, the Titus team arrive at Nistelrode where is held the party. the guyz from titus pay the entrance like the pirates ! (about 25ff) 
05h00 pm, six police cars from nederlands and the french cops team arrive at the place. 
05h01 pm, Total panic: the pirates are very frightened. Some groups take this opportunity to steal disks of others groups (it is what they said!) 
05h15 pm, when the poor guyz has realized that they have no chance to escape, they try to destroy the illegal copies...datas erasing, they say they even saw some guys jumping on their disks in order to destroy it.. also disks where flying through the gymnasium like frisbees... 
05h30-7h30, the cops file everybody (names, addresses, age...). Disks, hardwares, addresses books are confiscated. 
In the end, they say : "The software piracy is a crime like stealing" In france, the gouvernement will send a note to all parents in order to make that everybody takes conscience what a crime is piracy.. 
At the same time, FAST (Federation Against Software Theft) realize a big advertisement campaign in the UK mag.. 
As a conclusion, I would say that you must really take care!! Piracy is really getting dangerous! Here in France many people had stopped illegal activities (Msg to french cops reading: I'm in this case, ok? You already caught me twice and every time I was ok. I'm happy to be a demo freak! But I regret a bit to buy french softwares, because what they do is really not human ! Destroying the live of a young boy! Do you think this is the solution? 
Why Titus did this action ? Because their latest game Knight Force was spreaded in the scene before his official selling date... The president of the Titus software house: "It's bad for the pirates but we have no alternative: It a question of existance for us. 
    Arakis/BRAIN WAVE (Legal group)  
PS: Titus is the french software house known for the following games: Crazy Cars I+II, Galactic Conqueror, Titan and Knight Force.