Invitation to Mega Easter Party

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added 3/94
Alcatraz & Brainstorm will organize a wonderful party with a fantastic demo-competition during the Eastern week-end! 
It will take place in village near Lake Geneva, Switzerland. Some words about the place: It is very big, we can welcome about five hundred people, they are conference rooms, cloakrooms, beds (for the foreigners), a very big stage, a bar, big kitchens and much more... 
The attractions: 2 giant screens, movies, good food, good music with a professional D.J., some modem lines for very hot imports, a demo competition with very interesting prizes, like an Amiga 500, floppy, disks... And some suprises!! 
You should all reserve this week-end and prepare your demos, cause it will be one of the best party ever organized. You will get the informations and the invitations very soon. 
We hope to see you all at this Mega Easter Party. 
                      The Edge/BRS