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Metalwar of ALCATRAZ was interviewed by THE EDGE of BRS. 
When was Alcatraz founded? 
-In the beginning of 1988, and after a lond silence the legend continues ! (M]tley Crew Team is the new name of Alcatraz) 
What are the current members? 
-Skyman, Moby, Diskbuster, Bitmaster, PGCS, Helix, New generation, Greg, Triad, Hornet, Devils, Magnetix, Nifty Nit, Brothers, and of course Metalwar!! 
Are you looking for some more people? 
-We only search for good coders and a excellent graphic artists for my future game. 
What are your future projects? 
-Lots of cool and nice demos, A disk-magazine (Not as nice as ZINE, at the moment..), The Megademo  
, and of course... The Brainstorm-Alcatraz Mega Eastern Party!! (on April 14-15-16 '90 in Aubonne, Switzerland) 
How would you categorize yourselves in Switzerland and in the world? 
-The project of Alcatraz is not to be number one ! We are ourselves!! 
Let's start with the personal questions. What's your function in ACZ? 
-I'm coder and organizer. 
How old are you? 
-I am ... (hesitation) 
21, I think !?! 
-Oh! Yes, that's right !!! 
What's your hardware? 
-2 Amiga 1000, 2.5 Mega RAM, about 800 disks, TV and VCR. I used to have an Atari ST.(pure shit!) 
Can you give us a little list of all your computers you had? -Yeah!  Let me see: ZX-81, TI-99, Atari 600 XL, Atari 700 XL, (ed's note: XL stands not for Extra Large, but Extra Lame!) an Archimede, and of coz two Amiga'S.. 
What things do you hate? 
-Bugs in my sources!, water- potatoes, shit-parties, bad TV game shows with lot of expensive prizes! Give us your opinion about rippers and lamers? 
-Rippers are lamers!! 
What do you think about the Swiss scene? 
-The best are: Setrox (forever), Brainstorm (Ed: Thanx!), and of course Alcatraz.. 
List us some of the best demo groups. 
-Unique, Public Enemies, Phenomena, Red Sector, Treath, Scoopex, Silents. 
What are your hobbys besides of computers? 
-Soccer, Videos, Electronics, Driving Cars!! 
Who are, according you, the best groups? 
-Vision Factory (For all!), Paranoimia (Becoz they have money!), Quartex (fast...) 
Do you have BBS's? 
-BBS? Yes,we've two...I think?! But they aren't in use at the moment! 
What do you think about phreaking? 
-We have a phreaker.. that's all.. 
What are your favorite computer mags? 
-D.I.S.C (Level 4), Zine, Accession old mag (don't remember its name) 
What is your favorite drink and your favorite meal? 
-Meat Fondue, Cheese Fondue, Chinese Fondue, Coke!! 
O.K, I haven't any questions left, so I think that's all! 
-Ah bon! OK! Heu! Oh yes, so good bye... 
OK Good bye and thanxx for your answers...  SCRITCH...TUT..TUT... 
                       The Edge/BRS