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A Brainstorm interview with Mr.Perfect & Jens (L.Dredd) of SILENTS. 
How old are you? 
-Jens(L.DREDD):I'm 16 years old and I'm the main spreader here in Denmark. 
-Mr. Perfect: I'm the youngest member in Silents, I am only 15 years old (no kidding) but I have been one of the most active coders in Silents lately. 
When have you bought your first computer? 
-Jens: I got a c16 in 1984 and a c128 in 1985, on the c16 I learned  to code and I have maked a demo, but on the c128 I was a lamer. I got a Amiga 500+monitor on April-18 1987. 
-Mr. Perfect: I got a vic20 in '84 and a c64 in '85 I was a lamer on the 64 because I wasn't old enough. I bought an AMIGA 500 on the 1st of September '88. 
Do you currently have a girlfriend? -Miss Perfect looks really cool. 
If so, then give me her phonenumber. 
-Why don't you get lost? 
What do you think about the second issue of ZINE? 
-We think it will become better than CJ, because you got more interviews than CJ, and we think that it's cool. Your design is also really good, also better than CJ. The worst thing is your demo charts they really suck. But overall it's better than the last issue of CJ. Keep up the good work! 
What should we improve in the next ZINE? 
-Your Demo Charts!!! and make some more scene reports, and not in GERMAN like the one from USA. Make a cracker ranking and give the points for every crack & trainer, both groups and their crackers. Try to get a ranking from the most important scenes in Europe and the US scene, also a list with the names and numbers of the best boards in USA and Europe. 
Tell us the story about the living legend Silents? 
-I can only tell about '89 but that's also the most importent.     Silents Sweden were founded on the 64' for a few years ago. The Danish division joined in Feburary. We went in Co-Operation with Northstar in March, but it was stopped a few months later because NS were to lazy. The US members joined us in the summer holiday. In oktober joined Sirus Corp. us in England so now we  got one of the best boards in Europe. Skippy & Woody left The Band and joined us in november, and now we are 30-35 members in these 5 countries : England, Denmark, USA, Belgium & Sweden... There have also been members in Norway & Germany but they were lame and got kicked out!!! 
What's your projects in this new year? 
-We have started to make a Mega-Competition-Demo for the Kefrens & Dexion party in Denmark on the 16-18/2, and it's NOT our third megademo but ONLY a competition demo! 
We hope to crack & train a lot of games soon, because our members in Sweden, England, USA & Belgium are allready cracking so it's a bit lame that we don't do it here in Denmark. We are releasing a slide-show together with Channel 42 soon. 
Your favorite music? Last buyed LP/CD? 
-Can't remember. 
What's your prefered holiday-place? -Sri Lanka. 
Look back on 1989. What was positive or negative for you in the last year on the Amiga-scene? 
-Positive: The demos have improved a lot. Many new cool groups have been founded. The birth of Silents Dk. 
-Negative: Many cool guys like Ackerlight got busted. Too many lamers have our phonenumbers. Some lamers have spread a part I had made for our megademo 3 so that we can't use it any longer, and we would like to warn the one who spreaded it!!! We're gonna kick your ass mother fucker!!! 
   (continues on next article..)
Tell us something about your local Amiga-scene. 
-Lots of lamers and NO cool guys except US. 
Best joke you've ever heard. 
-Yeah, it not a joke but it's a fact. Our graphics artist here in Denmark is called Mikael Balle and 'Balle' means dick in Swedish, so it's quite funny when we meet people from Sweden. 
Are you interested in politics? 
-Fuck the kommunists and the socialists, I Hate Loosers!! 
What was the best party you have been? 
-The Bamiga Sector 1 party in Denmark '89. 
What's your slogan? 
-Cool is the rule & Silents, when words are not enough!!! 
Do you like advertisment on TV? 
-Yeah, especially the 7up commercials, I(Mr.P) will maybe try to make it on the AMIGA. 
Who came up with the groupname Silents? 
-It started in sweden in the 64' days, but we don't who it was. 
Why do you like demos? 
-I think that there's too many normal demo's and not enough new IDEAS & COOL CODING. Many small groups make demos with  lots of graphics, we hate those because many of them have no good graphics artists but only normal graphics. Like here in Denmark are there only 2 groups with really cool graphics artists, Channel 42 got 2 really cool graphics artists and together with our artist Mikael Balle are they the 3 best in Denmark. 
Note: I can't figure out why Phenomena is number one in your demo charts??? 
When did you start to code demos? 
-I started to code in December '88 but my first real demo was done in the Summer holiday '89 
Silents are famous for doing many corporations with other groups. Do you like to work with other crews, and if yes why? 
-Yes, the Swedish members have made a few demo's together with other groups like 'Snurkel scroller' with Defjam, but we in  Denmark have nothing to do with these co-operations, and we in Denmark would also like to make demo's together with other cool groups like ourselves, so please contact us if you're interested. 
Note: Many guys think that it was Defjam who coded the scroll in 'Snurkel scroller' but it was coded by Divine of Silents. 
How was the New-Years-Party? 
-We can't remember bcoz we were so fucking drunk. 
Any last words? 
-Yes, Silents are going to rule the cracking scene.