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Interview with Cosmac/Sly of FACTOR IV by ORLANDO of Brainstorm. 
Your group and its past: 
-Factor IV was formed in March 1989 after a party in Auckland.  We all meet each other and got on well so we left our old groups and made Factor IV. Factor IV  has  now 7 members, five in New Zealand who have been round in  the New  Zealand  scene for about 1 to 6 years. One American who was in the 64 scene for a while but has been Phreaking for the last 3 years. One Australian  who  was  also in the 64 scene and helped coded a few demos for the Australian group The Warriors of Time. 
So Factor IV is made up of the following people: 
Sly - Coder-Organizer 
Cosmac - Hardware-Stationery-Coder 
Warrior - Coder-Graphics 
Mutley - Coder 
Oberon - Phreak-Muiscian 
Gazza - Coder-Musician 
Manslayor - Coder (new member- ex Nukebusters) 
The aim of Factor IV: 
-To code cool demo's and useful utilities. We would like to have a play at cracking software but by the time a orginal gets here its old and have had it for weeks, we might try and make some other groups cracks into one parts and put trainers on them but at the moment we just dont have enough time due to work. (Sorry for that bad word!) We also plan to have lots of parties and drink lots of Beer, be cool and have fun. We are also thinking about joining up with a bigger European group but we have not made up our minds about that yet. 
A few words about the New Zealand Scene: 
-The  New  Zealand  scene is very active with a few cool groups and like the rest of this planet it has hundreds of lamers. Some of the better groups in New Zealand are: Nukebuster, The Lost Boys, Dave and Christine and US. 
Copy Parties: 
-Well Gazza in Australia said that there have been none there so he does not know about them. He thinks that they are cool though. Oberon in the USA says that there are none there and that there should be one some day. Here in New Zealand there have been a couple, they where quite good but due to the lack of people in New Zealand not many people are interested. All the cool groups come and thats about it, The parties go for three days and have about 20+ people at them. We would like to go to the BIG parties in Europe but we dont have enough money to be able to do that, that is where you European guys are lucky because you have countries all around you and can travel easily to them, as we are stuck in the south pacific, but thats what you get for living in the GOD'S ZONE!!!!! NO NUKES - ACID RAIN 
Factor IV's point of view about the police: 
-In  New Zealand they are as thick as shit. There are no laws against pirating software at pressent but there are copyright laws and if people start selling software then they start to get into trouble with the law but they do fuck all. In Australia, Gazza says that they are Mother Fucking turd burgers that dont deserve to live. And Oberon (USA) says that they are Assholes that like to chase you when you are just having a little fun. After reading the first issue of 'ZINE', it seems that New Zealand is a good place to live if you are into the computer underground, no raids over here. FREEDOM!!!!! 
Factor IV's favourite demos in no order: 
Xenomorphs (Scoopex) 
Ultimate Sine Demo (Complex) 
Subway - Rebals (from MegaDemo) 
RSI MegaDemo (Red Sector) 
Kefrens MegaDemo 7 (Kefrens) 
KickReset Demo (Razor 1911) 
Sesame Street Cracking Crew Demo (Titanics) 
Factor IV's favourite Games: 
Hybris - Xenon II - Shadow of the Beast - Barbarian  I & II (Palace) - New Zealand Story (what do you expect) - SuperHang On - IK++ - R-Type - Silkworm - Zak McKracken - Rainbow Islands