Party Review for Brainstorm & D-Tect Castle Party 2

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added 3/94
The Party took place on an old castle in L]rrach/Germany near the swiss border.  The Party started at about 11 o'clock and went on to 9 o'clock. 
At about half past 11 the party was visited by 2 policemen, and many people  were shocked. But these 2 guys called Huber and Klein didn't finish the party! They just said that the German Kripo knows what happens here, but they are not going to do something against it. They just told us that it is illegal to copy stuff in Germany. We showed'em some Demos and the last Issue of the  Zine, and impressed they left the party-place. Everybody was happy that  they didn't stop the party, and many of the people thought that they will come again, but they didn't! There was not very much new stuff, but a lot of  Demos and Compactions. Setrox spread Toolsdisk 3 and we brought out the  2nd Issue of this diskmag. 
There were some good groups like: Avenger, Setrox, Amitech, Alcatraz, Panties and Image, of course Brainstorm  and D-Tect and many, many more. The people had a lot of fun, coding, drinking, talking and eating. 
Some people showed the new module called Pro Access, which allows to search  the memory, to set the speed to 0 and to freeze games. It has many more  functions, too much to tell'em all. 
It was a lot of fun to take place at this party, and the party was cool,  but Brainstorm will not organize any parties in Germany anymore.