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added 2/94
Snowman of D.D.C has been interviewd by Scattergold of Brainstorm. 
When, why and how was D.D.C founded and now many members do you have? 
-D.D.C was founded 2 years ago.We have about 50 members. 
Could you sum up the politics of DDC in a few words? 
-Be fast and coooooollllll !!! 
Do you remember your first production? 
-Probably a trainer (I can't remember...). 
And the best one? 
-Each production of D.D.C was and will be the best ! 
Do you work with modems? 
-Of course, Tigger works with modems. (by the way,the number is 41-1-825-5751 !!!). 
Do you think that in a few years we'll all use modems instead of mail? 
-Modems are good,but expensive.I think that post is the best way for spreading (even if some guyz are caught with this system ! poor guyz ...). 
Let's go to the kitchen corner: What's your favourite meal? 
-Pizza (yeah !). 
And your favourite drink? 
-Ice tea. 
What are your hobbies besides computers? 
-Music and video. 
What's actually the most powerful team? 
-I think Quartex make good cracks,but there's no "best" group. 
And the lamest? 
-The groups who only sell stuff and don't swap ... no name ! 
What do you think about girls on computers? 
-I think there must be more girls in the business ! (but some that I know are very cooooollll !) (hello,Alex !). 
Do you know some teams with a "computer-girl"? 
-No,but if someone know one,tell me the address ! 
What do you want the game producers to do in the future? 
-I want them to make better and harder protections. 
What are the main points of being a good team? 
-1) Be cool 
 2) Be fast 
 3) Be rich (hahaha !) 
 4) Be a member of D.D.C 
What's the best game and best demo on the Amiga? 
-The best game was: Shadow of Beast. Best demo: Red Sector megademo one. 
What should we do with re-crackers and routines-stealers? 
-Kill them, eat them, or, even worse, steal their Amigas !!! 
What do you think of the Swiss scene and the Swiss teams? 
-I think in Switzerland, there are some good groups (like D.D.C), but too many loooooosers ! (no name !). I think that more copy-parties should take place in Switzerland, and not always in the other countrys ... The Piranhas' copy-party was great, that was an example that proves Switzerland isn't as shitty as we say... 
What are your plans for the future? -To be even faster and cooler ! 
One last question: What do you think about a Swiss magazine? 
-At last ! Thanks to you for making the first Swiss mag! 
Thanks to D.D.C and specially to Snowman for answering this questions!