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added 2/94
Paranoid of Phaze 101 has been interviewed by Majestic/BRS. 
A few sentences about your group, and its past. 
-Since I joined Phaze 101 only four month ago I don't know when the group was founded but we previously were callen "101-The Maltese Hackers". At the moment we are only running a disk magazine and the only active members are only a few (the coders and the swappers). We (I must admit) have not good GFX Wizards or Musicians anyway some new dudes joined us but I don't know their functions. Ours plans for the future are to release some  Music-Disks (really good soundtracks) and demos, both with coding byt me. We are also working on a game (I am working on it) and a megademo (by Torch). 
What's the aim of your group? 
-We don't Crack! It isn't our philosophy, we only try to do some funny works like demos, games, etc. Just to have fun with our Amigas. 
A few sentences about your local scene. 
-I don't know the Maltese Scene but for sure we are the only famous group of Malta. In Italy (where I live) there are many lamers but fortunately there are also guys like "IBB". 
Your opinion about copy parties. 
-Since 100% of C.P. are in foreign countries I never visited one but I think that they are a cool way to meet other coders from foreign groups. They are quite a good thing!! 
What do you think about the police? -Software police?? Hahaha!!! In Italy this word isn't still on the dictionnary! I think it's due to the fact that nobody really cracks progies. 
How is the Italian post? 
-Well, here in Italy we have one of the slowest post services of the whole europe and for sure the most unpleasant workers. 
List us a few good demos. 
-Unique (U.P.), IT filled Vectors, Level 4 (194 Bobs), Aces Triton's Demo, Scoopex (Glory Stars), Scoopex (Imagination Demo), Complex (Buttermilk), Deltaline (Vector Demo), The Band (TFC's Demo), Exact Cebit 89 Demo, Phenomena (Flumm Flumm), Tristar PS+VF+AFL Party Demo, Avenger Atomic Demo, Brainstorm (Metal Demo), Phaze 101 (Engine Demo). 
List us the best, according you, ever made games on the Amiga. 
-Rick Dangerous, Beast, Barbarian, Skate of the Art, Stormlord, Hybris, Superscramble, Sword of Sodan, Super Hang On, Powerdrome.                        Majestic/BRS