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added 2/94
Avoid has been interviewed for you by ORLANDO of Brainstorm. 
A few sentences about your group and its past: 
-Our group has 15-25 members ( I don't know really how many, because there are some new members in Norway and Canada, too ). It's a new group with only cool guys in it. I think we will get well known in the near future, because we have many ideas for cool projects. We will make some cool demos and our  1989 - The Year - Megademo. It's a totally new idea for a megademo. 
What's the aim of your group? (Crack/Demo/e.t.c) 
-Our aim is making good demos and coding other things because the most in  our group are coders (10 coders), so it's no wonder, I think! 
A few sentences about your local scene: 
-In our not very big hometown there is another group called Dynasty, they called themselves Trash in the past. They have some good swappers, but I think they'll die soon, because they have no good coders. And in my opinion a group must release some cool demos to get well known and to become one of the best groups in the land, continent, world. 
Your opinion about copy parties? 
-I love copy parties. They are the greatest things in the whole computer scene ! And perhaps we will make one at the end of the year. We will release our first Megademo then, too. 
Your opinion about the police? 
-I hate these fucking assholes. One of our members was caught by them and they took all his disks away. That's normal, but he had only five disks with illegal software. 
Anything else you would like to say? 
-Yes, I want to thank Mark II for his great SoundSystem, DOC for the Soundtracker , Commodore for the Amiga and Predator of Silver Hawks for cool letters. Bye.