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added 2/94
Dave and HQ from Headwave have been interviewed by The Acc{sed and Chester of Brainstorm at the Escpape/Spreadpoint copy party on Oktober 7th. 
Where are you from? 
-The HQ is in Zurich, Switzerland. 
How many members are you? 
-Seventeen members and many many girls (!?) Among them six coders and three members of D-Tect joint us. 
What is your general work? 
-We do nearly everything but cracking because it's too expensive. If there's a cheap original supplier anywhere, he should contact us. 
What are your future plans? 
-To brighten up the Swiss scene, to have the best mailbox in Switzerland, to sell our programs to software houses, and corporations with other groups. 
Only demo corporations? 
-No. There are some projects going with Savage, Digital Force... 
What hardware do you use? 
-Amiga1000, 3 drives, printer, 9600 baud modem, harddisk, porn magazines, diamond digiter, sound digitizer, many disks. 
What's your opinion about this party ? 
-There are a lot of crews missing. And it's strange that Escpape didn't release a demo yet. Too much Swiss crews. 
What are your major contacts? 
-IT, Black Monks, Powerslaves, Supplex, Alpha Flight, my mother and my father... 
What about modem trading? 
-We've got 3 modem traders. We are planing to buy 19600 baud modem. 
What do you think about the police and the whole Swiss scene? 
-My name appeared in the files of a software firm, so I have hidden all my disks in the cave. There are too many groups thinking that they are the best (hi to my lovely group Slimepeitsch). 
Any messages? 
-Banana greetings to Sextrot... No, eh sorry Etienne, I mean Setrox. 
-To Savage: Send our corporatoin work (The Headwave-Savage-Intro) 
-To Digital Force: You're the complete crazy-lazy group 
 (You're even worse than us.) 
-To Brainstorm: Your magazine is going to be great. 
-I greet all my ex and future girlfriends. 
Thank you for this interview. 
                        The Acc{sed