Inteview with Exterminators

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added 2/94
The Exterminators have been interviewed for you by MAJESTIC of Brainstorm. 
A few sentences about your group, and its past. 
-We're a young group (1 year old) consists of 9 members. Lame programming, cool muzak and a great swapping. If you want to get in our group, then write to our HQ. The HQ you can find in the advertisment. 
What's the aim of your group. 
-Demos & Cracking. 
A few sentences about your local scene. 
-We are the most famous group in the scene (yeah!!!!). Other groups think that we are the best one in the scene. 
Your opinion about copy parties? 
-It's very good, but in our HQ(Ol) aren't no copy parties. 
What do you think about the police? -They must do their job. 
List us a few good demos. 
-RSI MegaDemo, Scoopex (Metamorphose), The Exterminators (First Intro), Minekillers (MusicDisk), Brainstorm (Metal Demo), D-Mob (Music Disk), Soft-Sonic-Force-Demo. 
List us the best, to you, ever made games on Amiga. 
-Beast, Kick off, Xenon 2, Silkworm, Barbarian 2, Personal Nightmare, Graphity Force, C. Games, Dungeon Master, D.O.C.