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This is a Brainstrom interview witch UNICORN by Mike and Cobold of BRS. 
Far how long has Unicorn been existing? 
-We know us since 1984, and we went public in summer '88 as a crew. 
Give us a memberlist of your group. 
-We are two crackers, three coders, 2 graphic-artists, one musician and two spreaders in form of five persons. 
Which are the positive points in the scene and which are the negative ones ? 
-Positive are the connections between the groups. We enjoy new programming tricks from other crews. Negative are crew-wars, antidemos, fascist and racist propaganda. 
Are you afraid of the police and which are some tricks not to be caught ? 
-Because of own negative experiences we can give you the following tips: No disks in your own room, no synonyms on the disks, no crewnames on letters for spreading and don't let addressbooks or memo-calculators fly around. 
Which are the leading five groups for you ? 
 The Band 
 Vision Factory 
 Black Monks 
Which music are you listening to ? 
-Everything but Heino! On Amiga we especially like music from Beathoven, AXK, Mark II, SLL. 
What do you do on Saturday evenings? 
-For example, going for india dinner or to answer such mad interviews. 
Last question: Do you like McDonalds? 
-Yes, from outside. 
Thanks to all the Unicorn members for answering all those questions.