Party Review for Escape and Spreadpoint Copy Party 89

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added 2/94
This time the party I will report about took place on the 7th and 8th of Oktober 89 in Sarmenstorf, Switzerland. It's been organized by Escape and Spreadpoint. 
Well, let me tell you about the party: 
We (Brainstorm) drove to this place with 7 members in one car. The driver was the Ex-Setrox Coder "The Acc{sed". His mother paid for the gas. Thanx! 
Here some groups we met there: 
RSI, Setrox, Hellas, Avenger, Europe (former Piranhas), D-Tect, Headwave, Darklight, Unix One, Silverhawks Of Phaze 101, The Exploited, Black Monks, Mentronix, Depeche, Crazy, Avenger and some more! 
As you may see, there have been some big groups, but also some less known groups. 
I had a nice surprise as I was told to have swapped with Darklight, so they gave me two disks! Great! Stuff like Batman, Predator, Strider, Sci Fi, Sol Negro, Fighting Soccer, Hillsfar was released on this party! 
Personally I think that's it was a nice party, although there were to little groups for the big room. And there was no Demo-Competitiom! What a pitty! We left after 7 o'clock. This time I drove home with D-Tect.